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Stuff We Love: Right Angle Grinders

Here are two angle grinders and a related accessory you want to have on hand.

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There are a lot of different uses for a right angle grinder and regardless of what trade you might be in it’s probably a tool you’re going to want have on-hand. This week on Stuff We Love we look at two very new and different right angle grinders, along with a must have accessory for these tools. Watch the video below and Marty Dyck will discuss and demonstrate. Read on for specific further details and specs on the individual products.

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Bosch X-Lock GWX10-45DE

One of the sometimes frustrating aspects of a right angle grinder can be swapping out the blade. The spanner wrenches used are not universal and often you need different bushings for some attachments. Bosch has solved this problem with their new X-Lock system which offers most blades and attachments you need. There is quick release lever that literally pops the blade out, to install you simply push the blade to hear it snap into place. This definitely minimizes downtime during blade changes. This model has a 10 amp motor that produces 11,000 non-load rpm’s and is operated with a paddle switch below the handle. Bosch now has a whole line of X-Lock grinders including an 18V cordless model. Blade manufacturer Diablo is also in the X-Lock game with a variety of blades and attachments.

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Makita XAG11Z 18V LXT

A right angle grinder with its exposed blade can be a potentially dangerous tool, that’s one of the reasons we love this new Makita grinder. It has an electric brake that stops the blade within two seconds of releasing the paddle switch. Also if you are changing the battery and accidentally hold the switch on, the motor won’t restart when you put the new battery in. Along with these safety features there is a brushless motor that has an auto speed design that matches torque an RPM according to how hard the tool is working. Additional safety features that also preserve the motor are the auto feedback sensor that shuts down the motor if the wheel gets jammed for any reason and the soft start which will preserve the gears and ease the rotational force upon start up. All of this combined with Makita’s proven LXT Lithium-Ion battery system make this a great choice for grinding, cutting and sanding a variety of materials without the tether of an extension cord.

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Makita Dust Extraction Shroud

If you’ve ever had to take out the high spots in a concrete or wood floor you know how much dust you can generate using a grinder. Often I’ll have somebody follow me around with a shop vac which works well but this is the better solution. This Makita dust shroud has soft bristle brushes around its perimeter which prevent the dust from escaping and help move the tool over the surface. It has a four spring suspension system that keeps the shroud flush with the surface during movement and there’s an removable edge piece that allows you to get up tight against a wall. The 1 & 7/16 in. hose fitting will work with most vacuum systems. This thing is ideal for concrete finishing or removal and paint or surface coating removal. It appears this dust shroud is only compatible with Makita tools but if you are regularly kicking up a lot of dust this attachment works so well that it warrants purchasing a dedicated tool to go with it.

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About Marty Dyck

Marty is a professional woodworker and the owner of Good From Wood, a custom woodworking shop located in Stillwater, Minnesota. Specializing in unique, vintage barn doors, custom skateboards and other innovative wood products, Marty hopes to always build the piece that everyone talks about. Click the links below to learn more about Marty.




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