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Stuff We Love: Cordless Yard Tools

Cut the cord and manage your yard with these super efficient cordless yard tools.

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Family Handyman

It’s hard to beat the convenience of a cordless yard tool. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching for that last piece of hedge or far flung limb only to find out your extension cord isn’t going the distance! Today on Stuff We Love we have three cordless yard tools that excel in their designated tasks. In the video you’ll see editor Mike Berner discuss and demonstrate these super efficient tools for keeping your yard trim.

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Family Handyman

EGO Power + Blower

Blowers are great for a variety of chores. Clearing leaves, getting grass cuttings off the sidewalk or driveway, even blow drying the car after a wash, a powerful blower will make quick work of many tasks. The Ego Power + is one of the first cordless blowers has power to rival many commercial gas powered blowers. Its feature include:

  •  5.0 Ah 56-Volt ARC lithium battery (will run all other EGO tools);
  • Turbo button delivers powerful 650 CFM or (180 MPH);
  • Variable-speed control dial delivers 225 CFM to 650 CFM;
  • 90-minutes of run time, 15-minutes on turbo, 200-minutes on low;
  • 100-minute charge time;
  • Flat and tapered nozzle attachments;
  • Ergonomic design for superb balance and user comfort.

To have a blower this powerful with no gas and fumes is a game changer. To sweeten the deal you’ve also got the low, no-fuss maintenance of a well built cordless tool. The 5.0 AH battery included will go some distance but if you have a large yard you might consider a second battery to keep you going.

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Family Handyman

Craftsman V20 Hedge Trimmer

No need to worry about cutting your power cord with this hedge trimmer. Craftsman introduced their 20V cordless tools a couple years ago, this well balanced hedge trimmer is one of their more recent additions. Features include:

  • 22-in. Dual Action laser cut blades offer 3/4-in. cut capacity;
  • Cuts up to 1-1/2-in. thick branches with pruner blade on tip;
  • Full bale handle for maximum maneuverability;
  • Lightweight: Less than 8-lbs. with battery.

The dual action blades of this trimmer makes quick work of most shrubs and hedges. Its best feature is the pruning blade that quickly lops off any branch in need of pruning, so no need to grab another saw. If you’re wondering if Craftsman still makes quality tools, this V20 Hedge trimmer proves that, yes they are indeed.

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Family Handyman

Stihl GTA-26 Pruner

Early spring and late Fall are the best time to prune. The compact cordless convenience of this handheld chain saw makes it easy to cut those tough to get to branches. Features include:

  • 4 inch guide bar and ¼ inch chain;
  • Runs on Lithium-ion 12 v battery;
  • Well designed safety bar;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Battery level indicator.

The flyweight feel and balance of this little saw is its strength. Combine that with impressive power for a 12 volt source and you’ve got an ideal tool for managing trees and shrubs in your yard. 

*Currently the GTA-26 is not available online but you can find one at your local Stihl dealer for $150.

Bill Bergmann
“Bungalow” Bill Bergmann is an associate editor at Family Handyman. He’s been a licensed contractor/builder for more than 20 years. For him, there’s nothing better than taking out a few walls to make people happier in their homes.