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Stuff We Love: Work Lights

Take a closer look at three great work lights that pros from all trades should check out.

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Stuff We Love: Work Lights

This week on Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck takes a look at three work lights that should brighten every pro’s day and enable them to work long into the night. The three lights include a stand-alone light that doubles as a charging port, a hands-free hat clip, and a pocket light that packs a punch.

To find out what Marty loves about these innovative products, watch the video below. To learn more about each individual product and find out where you can buy them online, keep reading.

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Let there be light

This 3000 Lumen Work Light from Smart Electrician is a great way to get semi-permanent lighting into a room that is just too dark to work in otherwise. It is light and maneuverable and casts a wide swath of light that will brighten up every nook and cranny in a room. There’s also an outlet and two USB ports on the front, turning this light into a de-facto extension cord with two charging ports.

To buy Smart Electrician’s 3000 Lumen Work Light with Dual USB and Outlet, click here.

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A hands-free flashlight

Your hands should be holding tools while you work, not a flashlight. This Cap Visor Clip from Klein Tools snaps onto the brim of any hat and can run off of two AAA batteries on its highest setting for up to 4 hours, freeing up your hands for the job at hand. This light uses five LEDs to provide illumination and has a pivoting head for a wider variety of lighting angles.

To buy this cap visor light from Klein Tools, click here.

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Pocket-sized flood light

Milwaukee’s USB Rechargeable Rover Pivoting Flood Light is the kind of versatile tool that can make it into pretty much any pro’s tool bags. At its highest setting it can put out 500 lumens for up to two hours, and once you are done with it it folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.

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Construction Pro Tips

Bonus stuff!

This little work light, also from Smart Electrician, is the perfect way to make sure you are never without light on a job. They’re tiny and inexpensive so you can put one in your tool pouch, one in your truck box, one in your workshop… you get the idea. You can check them out here.

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About Marty Dyck

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