6 Best Kitchen Mats That Are Actually Stylish

A good kitchen mat makes cooking and cleaning more comfortable. We've rounded up top-rated rugs and mats that you'll be proud to display.

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One of our most appreciated items in the kitchen has nothing to do with food or eating. It’s a kitchen mat! A mat’s first task is comfort, providing cushioning for cooks and dishwashers. (These other kitchen gadgets also ensure your safety and comfort.) And it doesn’t hurt that they’re stylish, too!

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Interested in more ways to revolutionize your kitchen space? Check out this video.

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Anti Fatigue Cushion Stylish Comfort Floor Foam Kitchen Mat, Office Mat, Waterproof, Easy to clean, Soft and Thick, Non Toxic, Reversible (Grey and Stripe, 17" x 48")
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Essential Cushioning

Ease lower back and joint pain by choosing an anti-fatigue kitchen mat. These dense, cushioned mats are thick and luxurious.

Why it made our list: Made with non-toxic materials, this kitchen rug won’t have the strong smell of some anti-fatigue mats. Plus the reversible design is cute!

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Bouck Comfort Kitchen Mat
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Colorful Cushioning

Available in bright colors, this anti-fatigue mat offers plenty of cushion, plus beveled edges reduce the likelihood of trips and stumbles. Find kitchen design ideas that actually make cooking easier.

Why it made our list: The durable PVC material can be washed with soap.

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FOOTIGHT Cushioned Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue 20x39x3/4" Eco-friendly Waterproof Standing Comfort Mat, Perfect for for Office,Kitchen,Standing desk(Brown)
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Extra-Long Ergonomic Design

Got a lot of countertop to cover? Pick up anĀ extra-long anti-fatigue mat. The dark color blends into many kitchen floors. Your kitchen mat doesn’t have to be a style statement!

Why it made our list: The extra-thick cushion earns top reviews online, plus the edges are curl-proof.

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Cheerful (and Fair Trade)

Anti-fatigue mats aren’t the only choice for a kitchen. Woven rugs are available in more styles and colors, and can be padded (and made anti-skid) with a rug mat. A bold colorful rug is handy if you want to instantly make your kitchen more colorful. We like Dash & Albert’s Bright Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug.

Why it made our list: This rug is water-resistant and scrubbable, so the bright design won’t bleed or fade.

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Impossible to Destroy

Kitchen mats take a beating: trampled, splashed with messy food and soapy water and snoozed upon by pets. Make sure you find one that’s durable and easy to clean, like Dash & Albert’s Samode Indoor/Outdoor Rug.

Why it made our list: Tough enough to live outside, this lightweight rug can be hosed off and scrubbed until it’s clean as new.

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One-of-a-Kind Leboeuf Rag Hand-Knotted 2' x 3' Cotton Denim Area Rug
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Retro Charm

Rag rugs have cushioned cooks’ feet for generations. We like this cotton rag rug, which is hand-knotted from recycled denim. They’re affordable, durable and low-maintenance, but they’re best used with an anti-slip mat. See what other vintage kitchen gear you can use today.

Why it made our list: Many rag rugs have wild colors, but this one is neutral. The recycled fibers are eco-friendly.

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