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Surprising Items You Can Get for Free on Facebook Marketplace

If you search for free stuff on Facebook Marketplace, you'll find a treasure trove that's absolutely worth checking out.

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Grand Piano in a music room Gettyimages 48149241910'000 Hours/Getty Images


New pianos are expensive. When it comes time to downsize or move, however, many people discover that transporting a piano is costly and too much of hassle, so they try to sell it. If you’re willing to pick up and move the piano, you can likely find one for free on Facebook Marketplace.

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moving boxes And woman carrying a packing box into her new home Gettyimages 49516444910'000 Hours/Getty Images

Moving Boxes

If you’re moving anytime soon, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to score free moving boxes. You can also find free boxes at liquor stores or grocery stores. Plenty of retailers recycle cardboard boxes, and they likely wouldn’t mind you asking for some.

Check out these best ways to save money on a move.

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Mother helping daughter (2yrs) put on coat Gettyimages 916096150MoMo Productions/Getty Images

Children’s Clothing

Kids grow quickly, which means that they also grow out of their clothing quickly. If you’re not too picky, you’ll find loads of free children’s clothing on Facebook Marketplace.

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ping pong table playing table tennis with colleague Gettyimages 875610610Getty Images

Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong, pool, air hockey and foosball tables are all large items that are especially difficult to move. Often, homeowners will list these large items for free on Facebook Marketplace as long as you can pick up and move them yourself.

If you want to deck out your basement to create the ultimate game room, then these finds are perfect for you.

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paint furniture chairKristina Ratobilska/Getty Images

Old Furniture

At first glance, old furniture for free on Facebook Marketplace may not seem worth the trip to go and pick up. However, if you’re careful and lucky, this free furniture can be a dream come true for DIYers.

Imagine the new life you can bring to an old piece of furniture with just a few updates and a new coat of paint or varnish. You can try out new techniques and skills without the risk of ruining something valuable. Think of these free things as a resource to fuel your DIY projects.

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ared for heating the house. Chopped firewood on a stack. Flavijus/GETTY IMAGES


If you love to camp or spend cool evenings by the glow of your fire pit or fireplace, then you’ll love learning you can find free firewood on Facebook Marketplace.

Plus, be sure to check out these simple DIY projects that can be done using free wood.

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Woman jogging on treadmill at gym Gettyimages 532097165PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images

Workout Equipment

Exercise equipment is often an impulse buy that doesn’t get used very much. When the seldom-used equipment starts to get in the way, people turn to Facebook Marketplace to quickly get rid of it. This free equipment can help you build your home gym.

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garage sale signPaul Velgos/Shutterstock

Garage Sale Items

If you love treasure hunting at garage sales, you should definitely search the Free Stuff listings on Facebook Marketplace. Often, households having a garage sale will post unsold items on Facebook Marketplace for free.

Here’s why fall is the best time to have a garage sale.