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11 Surprising Ways to Use Coconut Oil Around Your Home

You may already use coconut oil for cooking, baking and some beauty routines, but did you know coconut oil can come in handy when doing lots of other things around the home? Here are 12 surprising ways to use coconut oil all around your home.

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Remove Sticky Residue

Next time you have trouble removing that sticky gunk left behind by price tags and stickers, just use some coconut oil. Melt a small amount, then rub it on the residue and wipe clean. Here’s another simple trick for removing sticky residue.

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Fix Squeaks

Coconut oil comes in handy when you need to fix that squeaky door or drawer. Just dab a small amount of coconut oil on the door hinge or the drawer track to stop squeaks. Discover how to eliminate 28 annoying home noises forever.

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For a DIY alternative to costly bathroom cleaners, try using a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda. For a homemade shower cleaner that fights soap scum, just combine equal parts coconut oil and baking soda to make a paste. Scrub the mixture on shower tile and then rinse. Learn how to make a homemade cleaner with simple ingredients.

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Keep Mosquitoes Away

Forget the harsh chemicals—just use coconut oil to repeal insects. Mix some coconut oil with a couple drops of tea tree or peppermint oil and rub it on your skin to keep mosquitoes away. Try these seven additional tips to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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Polish Furniture

Make your wood furniture shine with coconut oil. Just rub a small amount of oil onto wood with a soft rag for a natural polish. You’ve likely believed these 14 cleaning myths far too long.

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Make Candles

Make some easy DIY candles with coconut oil. Just glue wicks into your jar, and mix three parts soy wax chips (found at craft stores and other online retailers) and one part coconut oil in a double boiler on low heat. Once the mixture has melted, pour it in the jar and allow to cool. These are great to have around your home in case of a power outage. Learn how to make an emergency candle.

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Remove Floor Scuff Marks

Remove those kitchen scuff marks with a little coconut oil. Just rub some oil directly onto the floor and then wipe away the marks. These 10 cleaning mistakes actually make your home dirtier.

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Remove Gum

Forget the peanut butter—next time you need to remove gum from something try coconut oil. Just rub some oil through the mess and it should remove the gum from everything from hair to carpet. Get gum out of just about anything with these 10 tips.

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Restore Leather

Since coconut oil works as a moisturizer, put it to use in restoring leather. Just rub a small amount on a dried-out leather sofa or chair to bring it back to life. Learn how to clean leather furniture with coconut oil and other natural products.

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Polish Appliances

Make your stainless steel appliances shine by rubbing a little coconut oil on the surface. Then just use a soft cloth to wipe it clean. Check out these 15 stunning black stainless steel appliances.

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Prevent Garden Dirt Buildup

Before you start digging in the garden, just rub a little coconut oil on your garden tools. This will help dirt from building up and sticking to the tool. These nine home and garden tools are easy on your back.

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