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15 Tech Gadgets Every Pet Owner Needs

These modern tech gadgets will simplify your pet parenting life, and streamline the cutest Good Boy in your home's day.

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Give a dog a literal and emotional bone

“Stuff the wheels of the RoboBone with your dog’s favorite treat, kibble, or snack and turn the RoboBone on with a simple on-off switch,” explains Jeff Werber, DVM, and veterinary medical journalist, aka Dr. Jeff, of this genius way to keep your dog busy. “The RoboBone will roll and move freely and distribute treats along the way while it is pre-programmed to chase and run from your pet. The RoboBone is an excellent toy for solo-play, and also gets your dog up and moving, while training your dog to work for its treats in a fun and healthy way.”

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Reward your Good Boy from anywhere

If checking out these adorable puppy pictures convinced you to get one (or more) cuddly best friend of your own, know that the Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser will keeping them rolling in delicious morsels of your sweet affection even while you’re on the road, at work, or anywhere else. It uses an interactive real-time camera that works with your smartphone so you can see every bark, tail wag, and funny little thing they do. These are the mistakes every dog owner makes.

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Check in on behavior

In the old days, we’d come home from a long day out to find telltale signs of a day of bad pet behaviors like shredded upholstery, chewed shoes, and mystery puddles. The Sure Petcare Aminco Dog Activity & Behavior Monitor is a futuristic tech gadget that records your four-legged friend’s every movement and behavior and forwards all the information in real-time to your smartphone. Plus, it’s lightweight and tracks vital pet health information like calories burned and when the last time they were walked was. It’s basically a mobile nanny cam for your furry best friend so you can encourage good behaviors and put prompt ends to bad ones.

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A constant window into Fido’s world

“As pets are viewed more and more as part of the family, it is comforting for pet parents to be able to see their pet interacting within the home—like a daily daycare update you would get from your child’s school,” says Dr. Jeff. “One possible benefit to this may be enabling you to understand your pets’ habits and behavior while you are away. Signs of separation anxiety could possibly be visibly detected through pet tech gadgets like video devices.” Try a Hive View Indoor camera so you can see your pet even when you’re away, and talk to them through the camera to soothe, applaud, or remind them of the house rules. This very-smart camera can also differentiate between pet and human movement so you can tell who is in your home.

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Psst! Now that you’ve got your gadgets covered, check out these Fable Pets products to spoil your pup without t ruining your decor.

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Worth barking about

If you were curious enough to buy one of those cool at-home DNA kits for humans, we’re positive you’re going to want to check out Wisdom Panel, the canine version. Get insight into their breed, lineage, and health traits with one simple test.

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Always connected

Never lose your best friend again with Whistle, the pet-tracking device backed by science and research. In addition to already-standard GPS features, activity monitoring acts like a fuzzy BFF’s FitBit to relay realtime information on their health and wellness.

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A personal training robot for your pet

Yes, please. That’s exactly what the Varram Pet Fitness Robot does, and we’re really excited to add a health-focused robot to our list of the best tech gadgets for pets. It’s an AI-powered toy robot that pets can engage with, while it drops treats. With the free app, pet owners can create pre-defined play schedules, engage the Manual Mode for impromptu play and treat sessions and can easily track their furry friends’ daily activity. You also want to make sure to avoid these 13 puppy training mistakes you’ll regret later.

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Ah, that’s better

Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming, especially for dogs. That’s why Comfort Zone Calming Vest for Dogs made our list of the best tech gadgets for pets and was a 2019 Product of the Year winner. Pop one on your Good Boy in his preferred size to give him the same good feelings you get as a human from a weighted blanket. They’ll help him through fireworks, separation anxiety, and travel.

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This doesn’t stink

The PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is exactly what it sounds like—and an opportunity to have one less argument in your day when you realize you don’t have to remind your spouse, roommate, or kids to scoop the poop.

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This is too much fun

The PetChatz PawCall interactive accessory is good for any pet with an interest in FaceTiming you with the touch of his or her paw. It’s video speed dial for Fido and Kitty, and we’re wondering why we didn’t think of it first. These pet products have practically perfect reviews on Amazon.

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Meowy good fun

The WingPet Interactive Cat Toy is a lifelike cat-and-mouse hunting game with BlueTooth enabled connectivity that allows you to control it from afar. You can keep the little lion in your life busy hunting faux prey all day, and that’s reason enough to buy this.

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Reptile owners need this brilliant product

Anyone who has ever had a snake, lizard, or other reptile in a glass terrarium knows just how important maintaining the right temperature and internal humidity levels can be. The Inkbird Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer Smart Sensor is waterproof and uses BlueTooth and smartphone app connectivity to help keep your reptilian rockstars in the perfect conditions 24/7. These are the cleaning tips EVERY pet owner should know.

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Everyone wins with cleaner floors

If Fido is known to eat stray kibbles directly off your hardwood or occasionally makes a mistake before he can head out for a long walk, you probably need a Hoover OnePwr Floormate Jet kit. It’s got everything you need to vacuum and wash your hard floors in one step, and can even refresh area rugs Fido claims for himself. Did we mention it’s powered by a rechargeable battery so you can easily move around with it? Genius. Make sure you steer clear of these pet products vets never buy.

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Just the right amount of mealtime

Fret not, pet parent. You can make sure the creature you love the most is fed just the right amount with a smartphone-connected PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder. It’s ideal for dogs, cats, and other pets requiring carefully-controlled feedings. It can handle up to 12 dry food feedings at a time (which means you can have a late night at the office without panicking about your dog’s dinner).

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All the bone with zero calories

The Wickedbone Smart Bone fits into just about any pet’s diet, because it’s calorie-free and the main ingredient is fun. It responds to your pet’s mood, offering calm, upbeat, and even fitness-focused play modes. You can control it from just about anywhere, and it’ll definitely make your pet parenting seem like it’s straight out of Back to the Future.

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