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The 10 Best Ways to Save Money on a Move

Don't stress out about the cost of moving with these tips.

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Moving provides the perfect opportunity to decide if you really need to hang on to something. The decision to get rid of something gets exponentially easier when you have to consider that you need to pack it or lug it to the moving truck or pay someone to haul it. Fortunately there are many effective ways you can plan to declutter, like Swedish Death Cleaning, and here’s a list of things you can definitely get rid of today.

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Tax Deductions

Take advantage of any tax deductions you can take with your move. If it’s a move for work, it’s likely tax deductible. All the items you set aside as part of your decluttering effort, donate them for a tax deduction. Even though the standard deduction rose, it’s possible it might be better for you to itemize your tax return. Make sure you know what goes into property taxes at your new home prior to the move after you’ve considered what the housing market looks like.

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Find Free Boxes

There’s a reason why people have packed things in old liquor boxes when they move. One, they’re great for moving glasses and dishes. Two, you can get them for free at the liquor store. Plenty of other retailers recycle cardboard boxes and they likely wouldn’t mind you asking for some boxes. Check out a clever way to get a better grip on those boxes that you wish you knew earlier. It’s another great tip for frugal homeowners who love to save a buck. Check out 32 other ways you can save money around the house.

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Use Old Newspaper for Packing

Using newspaper to help with packing is a tried and true method to protect delicate items. Plus, if you don’t have extra newspaper sitting around the house for things like cleaning up a stinky fridge, you can always head down to your local paper to ask for old issues they can give you. Here’s a list of the best long-distance moving companies to help you move cross-country with your sanity intact.

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Don’t Rent Blankets

Those old blankets sitting in the linen closet might be on your list of items to toss but you might want to keep them around to help with the move. Protect your tables, night stands, chairs and other delicate wood furniture by draping a blanket over them but spare yourself the expense of using the moving truck company’s blankets. Once you’re settled in at the new place you can find a new home for those old blankets. Get a clue on how to move those big, bulky furniture pieces with these tips that will save your back and any arguments.

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Compare Prices with Portable Storage Units

Depending on the scope of the items you have to move and the distance you’re moving, a portable storage container might be a better bet. They might run a little more expensive in some situations but they allow a greater flexibility with the move. Instead of being beholden to the truck rental company and having to return the truck the next day, you can hold on to a portable storage container for a longer time and unload it at your own pace. Storage containers are a lot roomier than you think, people even live in them and order them off of Amazon.

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Ship Books and Other Items

Check out media mail with the United States Postal Service as an option for moving books if you want to save space in a moving truck. You can ship up to 70 pounds for less than $40. Or you could find a creative way to repurpose those books like these incredible creations.

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Use Original Packaging for Electronics

Saving an old box your computer or television came in is a big clutter bug but those boxes can certainly help when you have to move those items. If you’ve kept the foam padding that came with the item, even better. Plus, it’s one less box you have to try to find.

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Find Cleaning Supplies at a Dollar Store

The dollar store is great for a lot of items like cleaning supplies. You can find many of the same brands you’d usually pick up at the grocery store at the dollar store and save a ton of money. Just be careful you don’t end up buying some of the things you should never get at the dollar store.

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Plan Out Utility Shut Off Dates

You might not be able to plan your move exactly when you want but it’s important to consider how you’ll handle the utility bills as you prepare to move. The last thing you want to do is get stuck having to pay utility bills for two places or even an additional month at your old place. A little planning can go a long way.