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The 12 Best Kitchen Accessories for Cat Lovers

"Feline" like you need to refresh your kitchen? These cat kitchen accessories are just the thing for fun and funky cat moms and dads.

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Cat oven mittsvia

Oven Mitts

Keep your paws safe while you pull your sheet pan dinners out of the oven with these too-cute oven mitts ($16). They’re a great way to add some fun to your collection of kitchen accessories. Sick of your cat walking on the counter? Keep your cat off the counter with these 10 tips.

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Spoon restvia

Spoon Rest

Making up a big batch of marinara and need a place to stash your spoon? Look no further than this quirky spoon rest ($14). It’s one cat you won’t mind having on your countertop. Here’s how to keep your cat from scratching up your furniture.

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Cat lunch bagvia

Cat Lunch Bag

Set your lunch apart in the office refrigerator with this insulated cat lunch bag ($20). It’ll certainly be the envy of every cat lady (and cat man) in the office. This DIY ice pack is perfect at keeping your lunch cold.

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Silicone cat spatulavia

Silicone Spatula

You can never have enough spatulas, especially when you’re stirring up our favorite cookies. Be sure to snag this one with a charming kitty print ($12). Bonus: It comes in a dog print too for your pooch-loving pals. You’ll love these 11 cat furniture pieces that look great.

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Swedish dishclothsvia

Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish dishcloths are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to regular sponges and paper towels since you can just pop them in the wash. So why not invest in a few to switch up your dishwashing routine? With a funky feline print, they’re all too easy to “add to cart” ($16). Here’s how often you need to get rid of your kitchen sponge.

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Reusable shopping bagsvia

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable tote bags are essential for runs to the farmers market and the grocery store. Just because shopping is a chore, though, doesn’t mean your totes should be boring. Treat yourself and other cat lovers to this set of reusable bags ($6). They definitely make running errands a bit more fun. Take a look at these eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags for more ideas.

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Stainless steel water bottlevia

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Headed to the gym? Need to hydrate more at work? Then snag a reusable water bottle like this one ($20). The adorable print helps show off your personality and the double-walled insulation keeps your drinks cool. These 10 products will let you live more waste-free.

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Measuring spoonsvia

Measuring Spoons

Why settle for boring measuring spoons when you jazz up your utensil drawer with these kitty-patterned ones ($14)? Be sure to break them out when you bake up these black cat cookies.

These are things you shouldn’t have around the house if you have a cat.

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Cat kitchen timervia

Kitchen Timer

Cute and practical? That’s a total must for us when it comes to kitchen accessories. We love this adorable cat timer ($6). You can see it in action as we make Joanna Gaines’ famous biscuit recipe.

Find out what’s behind cats kneading.

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Kitty corkscrewvia

Kitty Corkscrew

Pop open a bottle of your favorite wine with this cute corkscrew ($24). It’s a subtle way to give a nod to your love of these four-legged friends. It also makes a great hostess or housewarming gift. Don’t have a corkscrew handy? You can try to open a bottle of wine by doing this.

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Cat coastersvia

Cat Coasters

Keep your counters and coffee table looking clean while adding a bit of whimsy with these kitty coasters ($9). These also make a great gift for your other cat-loving pals. Ever wonder why cats eat grass?

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Kit-tea tea infuservia

Kit-tea Tea Infuser

Is there anything cozier than curling up with your pet, a cup of tea and a good book? (Answer: Definitely not.) Add another layer of cute to this scene with a cat-shaped tea infuser ($8).

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