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The 30 Best World Cup Party Ideas

Hosting the youth soccer team will be no problem after these World Cup party ideas.

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World Cup Banner

Hang a banner of flags from around the world at the party to get people thinking globally.

Get the scoop on the fascinating history behind every flag in the U.S. 

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World Cup Logo

The World Cup Logo for Russia is pretty cool looking so it would look really awesome as a decoration on dessert or other foods.

Sneak a peak at some delicious treats with a handy bent.

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Ticket Invite

You’re definitely not flying to Russia for the World Cup but your guests can feel like they’re heading that way with invitations that look like tickets to the World Cup.

Get your ticket to checking out some of the most exquisite castles around the world.

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International Table Cover

A table cover displaying the flags of the world will give the party an instant touch of internationality.

Next time you have a big gathering follow these tips to fit everyone at the table.

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Celebrate goals like you’re at the stadium with a trumpet that has a mouthpiece designed like a soccer ball.

A trumpet might be annoying after a few blasts but annoying noises around the house will drive you nuts. Here’s how to eliminate those frustrating noises.

Grab these trumpets at Amazon.

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Toothpick Flags

Pick up some toothpick flags to add to the top of any food at the party to keep a worldly feel.

Toothpicks are great for repairs around the house, check out how to use toothpicks with kitchen repairs.

These great looking toothpicks are available at Amazon.

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Cupcake Toppers

Let your guests show their patriotism by picking out the cupcakes with their country’s flag resting above the frosting.

Did you know you can create an amazing cupcake with Coca-Cola? You’ll be amazed at the 50 unexpected ways you can use Coca-Cola.

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World Cup Trophy Cookies

Some wait a lifetime to touch the FIFA World Cup Trophy when they win the World Cup but your guests can put a piece of it in their mouths when you serve cookies made to look like the trophy.

Make your kitchen function efficiently with these incredible kitchen storage ideas.

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Face Paint

Don’t settle for just painting the colors of a country’s flag on your face. Get as creative as you’d like with the face paint.

Make sure you’re up on all the paint trends around your house before beginning your next project.

You can grab this face paint kit at Amazon.

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Party Pictures

Feel like a superstar on an international level when you add a World Cup background to the party. Or you could use it to stage your own party press conference like the World Cup press sessions.

Be sure you’re able to preserve those pictures with these great tips.

This photo backdrop is available at Amazon.

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Human Foosball

A human foosball table will get people talking, laughing, along with stumbling and straining. Inflatable human foosball setups are available to rent and can be a really fun way to get into watching some World Cup.

If this sounds like a kick, check out these super fun backyard games you can create.

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The vuvuzela is an instrument some people wish would just go away for good but for others it has become synonymous with World Cup soccer. Stock up on some for a World Cup viewing party.

Noises around the home aren’t pleasant but we’ve got the solutions for eliminating them, like when your dryer is making a racket.

Sound the horn by picking up a vuvuzela at Amazon.

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Foot Golf

Combine the fun of soccer with the precision of golf by setting up a foot golf course. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate course but it can be challenging. Hold a tournament of teams of two.

If you’re more of a golf purist, you’ll be green with envy after looking at these backyard putting greens.

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Juggling Competition

Juggling is an old competition for soccer players where they try to keep the ball in the air for as long as they can and count the number of times they successfully strike the ball. It can be a fun competition and a competitive one.

Stop juggling bills by reducing your energy bill with these cost-saving tips.

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Throw-in Challenge

For those who are less fantastic with their footwork, they’ll love a throw-in challenge. Just measure who can throw a soccer ball the farthest by doing a traditional soccer throw-in. In order to do a soccer throw-in two hands on the ball and the ball must start behind your head with both your feet on the ground. The throw has to be continuous and it has to clear the top of the head before being released.

Create some more backyard fun with these games you can make with things you already have.

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Kickball is a good alternative inclusive game to play for all guests. After all, not everyone is going to be familiar with Neymar at a World Cup party.

Try a game of a different kind with a backyard Jenga setup.

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Cardboard Masks

Create some cardboard masks of the most popular players in the tournament. But only make one Ronaldo mask, not everybody can be Ronaldo. And be careful about making a Luis Suarez mask, too.

If you’ve got extra cardboard laying around you can try one of these 12 brilliant cardboard creations.

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Sweepstakes, Bets

This is probably better before the tournament begins because you can create a bracket for the tournament. Increase the difficulty with people having to pick the teams that come out of pool play, too.

You can also try a sweepstakes game where you have people draw a team out of the tournament participants and set up a pool of money someone will receive if their team wins.

Make heading into Costco a safe bet after learning the 12 secrets Costco employees won’t tell you.

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Food From Around the World

Prepare traditional dishes from the countries participating in the World Cup or the two playing in the championship.

If you want to speed your food prep up, try using some power tools.

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Goal Celebration Competition

Who doesn’t like to celebrate a goal? Have a goal celebration competition to see who is the most creative in displaying their joy. You might need a corner flag to use as a prop.

Check out some of the projects our reader’s have celebrated like a Starfighter from Star Wars.

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Drinks From Around the World

Adult beverages work well for setting up the World Cup of drinks. Pick up beer made in different countries or whip up cocktails popular in other countries for an international flavor to a World Cup party.

You’ll want to check out these 15 home bar ideas to serve those adult beverages.

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Dribbling Challenge

Create a course in the backyard using cones or even pool noodles. Time the event and whoever is the fastest after completing the course properly will be declared the winner.

If you’ve got something dribbling water around the house, you’ll want to see how to fix it.

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Accuracy Contest

Set up a goal and some targets in the corners of the net. Take turns shooting at the targets and declare a champion for whoever hits the most targets.

You’ll be accurate with your projects after reading these measuring tips.

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Soccer Tennis

Soccer tennis involves setting up a net and playing a ball off the bounce, just like in tennis, only the players in soccer tennis must use their feet. Having a tennis ball around the house isn’t such a bad idea, you can repurpose it for many things.

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World Cup

World Cup is a favorite game at soccer practice for youth players. Just create teams of two, have each team pick a country and then pit them against each other. Teams that score advance until two teams remain for the championship match. The first team to score is the champion. Try these kid-friendly projects during the summer to keep them busy.

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Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

Soccer doesn’t have to be only enjoyed with feet and the ball on the ground. Try out an oversized inflatable soccer ball that will generate some laughs for sure. You can get this inflatable at Amazon.

Be sure to grab some of these inflatables when you head to the beach.

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Move Out

If the weather cooperates and you’ve got a crowd that far exceeds the capacity of your home, you may just have to kick everyone out(side). A DIY backyard movie theater may be just the thing epic party stories are made of. If you don’t want the cost associated with purchasing an outdoor portable projector and screen, rentals can be found for a temporary solution. Create your own screen with a bed sheet and a 2×4 frame, or stick to the inflatable variety. No matter which setup you choose, guests are sure to have an experience to remember.

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Temporary Tattoos

Everyone has their favorite team to root for during the World Cup. Let them show their fandom by putting out some temporary tattoos that represent those countries. It could be just a flag of that nation.

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DIY Picnic Table with Built-in Cooler

Keep the party going with easy-to-access drinks, so no one has to wonder where the beer or soda is. This DIY picnic table features a built-in cooler. A removable cover allows you to use all of the table’s surface space, if need be. Check out these other cool picnic table ideas.

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Orange Slices

There’s nothing like a few orange slices at a soccer game. They’ve been a favorite of moms to bring to soccer games for kids to munch on at halftime and it’d be a fun addition to any World Cup viewing party. You’ll be amazed at the cleaning powers of another citrus fruit around the house.

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