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The 10 Chore Coupon Gifts Mom Secretly Wants

This Mother's Day, give mom what she really wants. Go beyond the traditional flowers and brunch and give Mom a coupon she can redeem when she really needs a break. Here are 10 chore coupons Mom wants (but might not ask for).

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Tech Support

Instead of rolling your eyes next time Mom asks for help uploading her photos to the cloud or connecting to the printer, offer your tech services graciously. Give her a coupon for a free training session so she can learn how to handle basic tech issues on her own. These 11 cutting-edge aging-in-place tech solutions help seniors live happily and safely.

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A Day Off From Cooking

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, breakfast in bed is a popular choice, but give mom a bit extra with a coupon for a full day off from cooking. Make her breakfast, pack her lunch and in the evening make her a delicious meal from scratch. You can bet she’ll appreciate a whole day off from cooking. (Just be sure you don’t leave her with the dishes and a filthy kitchen!) These Mother’s Day gifts are great for the DIY mom.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Give mom a break when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Give her a coupon she can redeem at any time for a day off from cleaning up dinner or wiping down the bathroom sink and toilet. Or, go the extra mile and give her a week off from these chores! Learn how to clean your bathroom faster and better with these 13 tricks.

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A Car Wash

After chauffeuring everyone to their after-school activities and sporting events every week, Mom’s car definitely needs a good cleaning. Give her a coupon for a car wash (vacuuming included), courtesy of YOU! These are the 15 cleaning secrets only car detailers know.

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Garden Work

If Mom has a flower or vegetable garden, give her the gift of weeding and watering. A coupon for help in the garden will come in handy at the height of summer when she wants to take a break and relax in the shade instead. Want to make Mom something she’ll love? Here are 30 DIY ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

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Movie Night

This Mother’s Day, give mom a coupon for a movie night. Let her pick the movie (either at the theater or to watch at home) and make sure there’s plenty of popcorn and her favorite candy. Here are our favorite gifts for moms who love to cook.

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Dusting and Removing Cobwebs

Let’s face it—nobody wants to dust and remove all those cobwebs that show up in high corners. Give Mom a coupon for dusting and removing cobwebs (spiders included). Mom will be beaming with pride when you give her one of these custom-made DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

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Laundry Service

Mom is always doing everyone else’s laundry, so you know she’ll love some help. She might not want you to wash and dry her nice clothes, but offer to do all of the towels and bed linens and you’ll make her day. Avoid these 10 common mistakes when doing laundry.

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Control of the Remote

How often does Mom get to watch what she wants on television? Chances are, not often. Give her a coupon for control of the remote this Mother’s Day and let her watch her favorites for a day—no arguing! Is the remote control broken? Fix it with this guide.

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A Day of Sleeping In

Moms, especially those with young children, can benefit from a few hours of extra sleep. Give Mom a coupon this Mother’s Day for a day of sleeping in or for an uninterrupted afternoon nap. Everyone will benefit. Make your home feel like a luxe hotel with these 19 ideas.

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