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20 Things DIYers Should Always Buy on Cyber Monday

Many Cyber Monday deals aren’t announced until Thanksgiving, but we can draw some conclusions based on what’s available on Black Friday to build this list of 20 best bets for amazing DIY-centric deals to watch for.

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Black Friday may have started the November retail blitz, but the advent of Cyber Monday in 2005 was a game changer. Black Friday sale events often center around big-ticket “door busters” creating in-person buzz. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, focuses on items that are less exciting to see in somebody else’s cart. Many Cyber Monday deals aren’t announced until Thanksgiving, but we can draw some conclusions based on what’s available on Black Friday to build this list of 20 best bets for amazing DIY-centric deals to watch for.

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Radiovia Lowes

Jobsite Radio

A little music on the jobsite can make a tough project seem to fly by. Unfortunately, most electronics aren’t designed to withstand the rough environment of a shop or work site. Lucky for us DIYers, Cyber Monday is a great time to pick up a new jobsite radio.

Check out the DIY toolbox radio one of our readers created!

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Bootsvia The Home Depot

Work Boots

A dependable pair of steel-toe boots can be as useful as any tool. Clothing is traditionally a favorite for Cyber Monday discounts, so if you need new work boots, this is a great time of year to be in the market!

15 work boots for every type of DIY project.

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Photo: via The Home Depot

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woodvia Lowes


Not necessarily a practical item for Black Friday, considering the bustle of the crowds, but deals on flooring are likely to be found on Cyber Monday.

A perfect example is this peel-and-stick vinyl flooring from Style Selections, part of Lowes’ Cyber Monday sneak peek. Attractive and affordable, there’s a reason that peel-and-stick flooring made our list of 10 low-cost alternatives to hardwood floors.

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Echo Dotvia

Smart Speakers

Electronics are traditionally a fantastic deal on Cyber Monday. If you’re considering a DIY project to bring your home into the 21st century, a great starting point is a smart speaker such as a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon kicks off its Cyber Monday deals Saturday, November 24th, and will run rapid-fire sales through December 1st. Although they haven’t announced what the savings on the Echo Dot will be yet, they have run a special on these devices in prior years.

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: what’s the difference?

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Lock via The Home Depot

Smart Locks

While we’re talking about smart home devices, it may be time to consider upgrading to a smarter lock. The Home Depot is running a special on Schlage electronic door locks this Cyber Monday, and they come in a variety of models, depending on which finish you prefer and what smart home products you already have. These locks can communicate with everything from smart speakers to thermostats and doorbells, in order to give a fully integrated experience.

15 home products to snap up on Cyber Monday.

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nest via Best Buy

Smart Doorbell

The third and final stop on our smart home tour, an internet-enable doorbell lets you see who’s at your door, and helps keep the porch pirates away from all the other good stuff you ordered on Cyber Monday. By combining a video doorbell with a smart lock and smart speaker, you can see any potential visitor and choose whether to unlock the door remotely. Perfect for dog sitters and delivery people!

Need extra info? Here’s Family Handyman‘s review of the Ring video doorbell.

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Services via Phovoir/Shutterstock


From high-tech assistance to automotive maintenance, services are a surprising great buy on Cyber Monday. Many automotive stores such as Pep Boys have online specials on services such as oil changes. Lock in the discounted rate on Cyber Monday, and schedule the actual service for a time that’s convenient for you.

Wondering if the old advice to change your oil every 3,000 miles is still true? Family Handyman lays out the facts.

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tapevia Lowes

Workshop Staples

There are some items that DIYers always find themselves wishing they had more of. Shop towels, chip brushes and quality painter’s tape always seem to run out just as you’re coming to the end of the perfect project. Buying in bulk and making use of free shipping can make Cyber Monday a great time to stock up on your everyday workshop needs.

If you go a little over the top with shop supplies, here are some tips to help you keep everything in your shop organized.

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toolsvia The Home Depot

Rotary Tool Kits

Rotary tool kits are available in a wide variety of sizes and power levels. And, although Dremel has the best name recognition, there are a number of different brands on the market, any of which might see great Cyber Monday price drops. As a bonus, the supplemental bit kits make great stocking stuffers!

14 clever and unexpected ways to use a rotary tool.

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toolvia The Home Depot

Combo Tool Kits

Just like on Black Friday, bundled tool kits make for great value. Historic Cyber Monday deals range up to half-off sticker price, and when combined with free shipping, that makes tool kits a fantastic deal.

There’s a reason combo tool kits tops this list of tricks to save money on tools!

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tools via The Home Depot

Wiring Kits

Some of the biggest participants in Cyber Monday are technology stores such as Best Buy or MicroCenter. Watch them for deals on tools like wire strippers and coax line. Hardware stores have discounts on these items as well, such as The Home Depot’s 2-pack shown here.

How to wire for cable or telephones.

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Gamevia Target

Sitewide Deals

Many retailers participate in Cyber Monday not with deep discounts on specific items, but by giving dramatic savings sitewide. This can be a smart strategy for you as long as you keep in mind the fact that some items may be marked up right before the sales date. So do your research!

Target is famous for their 15% sitewide Cyber Monday sale, combined with free two-day shipping with no minimum order. That means that everything from cleaning supplies to arcade room games are affordable and delivered straight to your door.

Here are 17 more great ways to save money over the holidays.

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tirevia Walmart


Cyber Monday is a great time to find deals on big ticket automotive items. These deals often don’t get the same advertising space as TVs or video game systems, but you can often find amazing deals like buy two tires and get two free, or deep discounts on all automotive products. This year, Walmart is promoting a discount on all Cooper tires on Cyber Monday.

Here’s more on how to buy tires.

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electronicsvia The Home Depot


Free shipping, installation and haul-away are the key points to watch on this one! In particular, don’t confuse free delivery with “free curb delivery.” Unless you want to wrestle that new fridge up to your third-floor walk-up on your own, make sure that the delivery is to your living space.

See this Family Handyman article for more tips on buying household appliances at rock bottom prices!

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generatorsvia The Home Depot


Portable generators are popular Cyber Monday sale items because they’re fairly expensive to begin with. This means that even small discounts allow for dramatic savings in terms of dollar value. This is another bulky item, where free delivery can mean big savings!

Protect your investment by keeping your generator in top shape with these portable generator maintenance tips.

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milwaukeevia The Home Depot

Tool Storage

Hardware stores love it when we buy tools, and they love it even more when we buy so many tools that we need to buy storage items to keep all our new tools organized. Also, there are few gifts a DIYer loves more than a toolbox pre-stocked with tools. To capitalize on this, big box stores love to markdown toolboxes around the holidays.

Here’s a bonus tip for tidier tool trays.

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MacBook via Costco


If you’re a DIYer drawn to technology, then you know how satisfying it is to pick up new tech on deep discount. Retailers like Costco are advertising Cyber Monday deals on products like this MacBook Air, advertised at a discount of hundreds of dollars (and a two item purchase limit).

If you’re using a computer in your workshop, sooner or later you’ll need these tips for cleaning your computer keyboard and screen.

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computer Rowan Morgan/Shutterstock

A Slice of Raspberry Pi

MicroCenter is expected to have a Raspberry Pi starter kit scheduled for deep discount on Cyber Monday. If you haven’t played with Raspberry Pi or Arduino technology, it’s an entire branch of DIY, perfect for those who enjoy adding customized high-tech to hand-built projects like custom video game consoles or programmable light banks. You might even be able to build a robot that finally solves the most daunting DIY project of all: assembling IKEA furniture!

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fryers via The Home Depot

Food Dehydrator

Countertop appliances are a perennial favorite for Cyber Monday deals, often including toasters and juicers. This year The Home Depot is running a special on air fryers, including a unit that includes a food dehydration option. What The Home Depot’s employees won’t tell you is that these handy devices can be used for more than just food! Here’s a list of 10 unusual uses for a dehydrator that will change the way you think of this kitchen device!

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gutter-guards via The Home Depot

Seasonal Products

Retailers love clearing their inventory of seasonal products, and a great way to do that is with a Cyber Monday sale! A perfect example is this sale on Gutterglove gutter guards at The Home Depot. With a sizable discount and a purchase cap of five units, the big-box retailer is hoping to catch the attention of homeowners sick and tired of scraping out gutters on their own.

Check out our tips for choosing the right gutter guards for your home.

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