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The 10 Things New Homeowners Spend the Most Money On

Find out what to expect after you purchase a new home.

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shutterstock_670453921 laundry room washer and dryer ImageFlow/Shutterstock


Depending on the age of the appliances in the home and if the seller wants to take any of the appliances with them, you might be shopping for new appliances. A washer and dryer set can range from hundreds of dollars to more than a thousand. The same goes for an oven or a refrigerator.

Whether you buy new appliances and keep the previous ones, you need to know these tips to make appliances last.

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Suede and Velvet living room couchSvet_Feo/Shutterstock


Your furniture from your apartment is likely not going to be enough to furnish your new home or better yet you’ll realize it’s probably time to throw out that old couch even those your imprint is perfect on it. Living room sets easily run hundreds of dollars. Save yourself a buck and try these 15 high-end furniture dupes.

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Large green dining room with leather chairs and large windows.Shutterstock / Artazum

Dining Room

Your living room likely doubled as your dining room in your rental unit so after you close on your new house you’ll have to pick up a dining room table, along with silverware and dishes. You can always try one of these 52 tricks to make your home look more expensive to save some money, too.

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fh12sep_531_52_109-bar-1200x1200 build a bar ultimate man caveFamily Handyman


Many a new homeowner have visions of building a bar in their new place but they’re spendy. You can buy one, which will cost you more than $1,000 usually or if you’re handy you can try to build one like these handymen did.

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driveway repaving _403913614JGA/Shutterstock


All bets are off on what the driveway of your new house looks like but if you want to fix it, it’ll cost you more than $1,000. Unless you want to do it yourself and then you can get it done for half of that.

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loose fill attic insulation


Insulating an attic is one of the best home projects homeowners can do because of the increased home value it brings.

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refinish hardwood floorsFamily Handyman


Maybe you really wanted hardwood floors in your new home but there’s carpet. You were willing to overlook the carpet because you figured you could add hardwood floors. It’s an expensive project but it’s also one you can do yourself. If you want hardwood floors, here’s what you need to know.

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dream deck


Many homeowners like to have an outdoor space like a patio or deck but you still have to furnish one as well as find a decent grill. Patio furniture can be astonishingly expensive and so can be a grill. If you really want to splurge on deck accessories, then check out these seriously cool add-ons.

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Lawn and Garden

That new home is going to come with a new lawn and yard work so that means picking up a lawn mower. In addition to the lawn mower, there’s the tree-trimming tools, rakes and other tools. And if you live in a snowy region you’ll want to pick up a snow blower. All told you could be looking at around $1,000 easy. Check out 40 of the best lawn care products out there to help get you started.

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after bedroom makeover paneled wall


Living in a house means a bigger bedroom and that means you can find a bigger mattress. Not only that, you’ll likely need a bedroom set, nightstands and lamps. Try out one of these 15 soothing décor ideas for your bedroom.