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7 Tips for Avoiding Knee Pain While Gardening

According to a survey released by the National Council on Aging, 38 percent of those suffering from osteoarthritis are hindered from gardening because of their condition. Here are seven surefire ways to maintain healthy knees and keep your garden in shape.

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Get Moving

Motion reduces the risk for osteoarthritis. It both lubricates and nourishes knees.

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Warm Up, Then Stretch

Break a light sweat, then stretch to help maintain mobility and reduce joint stiffness. Consider adding one of these 12 garden tools to make the work easier.

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Get Cushioned

Wear supportive sneakers to take stress off the knees. Find out more about the shoes perfect for DIY work.

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Body-weight Exercises Offer a Lot of Optionsfizkes/shutterstock

Get Strong

Do leg lifts and exercises that strengthen quadriceps (front thigh muscles). They protect knees from damage caused by constant bending. Set up a home gym with a few of these ideas.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Being dehydrated reduces flexibility and increases wear and tear. While gardening, people need substantially more to balance fluid loss. You’ll want to know these tips to keep your lawn luscious and garden looking great.

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Don’t Push It

A little discomfort may occur and will lessen after regular activity. But watch for “bad” pain. Stop if the pain is severe or sharp or causes you to limp. Add these tips to your toolbox for easier gardening as well.

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Chill Out

Ice knees for 15 minutes after gardening tasks if you tend to develop soreness.