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Top 5 Fall Lawn Seeding Products

Early fall is the best time to do lawn reseeding, and these are the products that will help you succeed.

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Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader

If you have up to a few hundred square feet of lawn to seed or reseed, you’ll love the Wizz. It’s battery-powered, so there’s none of that tedious hand cranking like there is with manual models (those gears don’t last long, either). It does a very nice job of evenly spreading the seed without the sore muscles. Plus: Learn some great grass seeding tips!

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Pro Trust Lawn Starter Fertilizer

If you’re planting new fall grass seed, you shouldn’t use ordinary lawn fertilizer. It can actually do harm to new seedlings. Instead, you should use a “starter” fertilizer. Unlike standard fertilizer, starter fertilizer is formulated specifically for delicate new grass. It also contains potassium, which is missing in standard fertilizer and is critical for root development. Check out some must-know fertilizing tips here.

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Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix

If you have small to medium-sized bare spots to seed, PatchMaster is a great solution. It contains seed, starter fertilizer and dry paper pulp. The pulp acts as mulch to keep the seed damp, which is crucial for germination and keeping the delicate sprouts alive until the roots can develop. It also saves you from having to water one to two times a day for that first month, especially during dry, hot weather.

Just keep it damp for the first month. When damp, it won’t get blown away when you mow. Plus: Take note of these 18 lawn care no-nos.

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Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler

When you have newly planted grass seed, you need to lightly water at least once a day to keep the soil damp. Many sprinkler styles don’t disperse water evenly or wash away grass seed because they deliver too much force. An oscillating sprinkler is the way to go for a freshly seeded lawn. The light shower is perfect to water seed without washing it away. Want to know more about watering grass? 

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Earthway Drop Spreader

If you have a large yard to seed, a broadcast spreader is the best way to spread seed. But drop spreaders have their place, too. If that large yard has adjoining garden beds or driveways, seed a couple of rows near those areas first with a drop spreader. Then when you do the larger part of the yard, you won’t be broadcasting seed onto areas where it’s unwanted. To find out more about running both types of spreaders, click here.

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