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Top 11 Home Décor Trends for 2019

Curvy couches and statement ceilings are just some of the trends to get excited about in 2019.

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In 2019, curved furniture will take over the trending straight lines and angular pieces. From sofas and love seats to mirrors and frames, expect rounder, softer shapes. Check out this collection of 100 cheap decor ideas that look expensive.

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Statement Ceilings

You’re going to want to look up in 2019! Ceilings are making a statement with unique designs and architecture. The dramatic appeal above allows for low-key walls and fabrics below. These 11 simple DIY home decorating ideas can help you transform a space from drab to fab with minimal time and effort.

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Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable living has been on the uptick for several years, and it’s finally infiltrating home design. Sustainable fabrics, like animal-free leathers and worm-free silks, will be big in 2019. Three experts in the field of style and interior design tell us what your home decor choices reveal about you.

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Ethnic and Tribal Patterns

Expect to see toned-down spaces made of earthy colors and wood surfaces. Ethnic and tribal patterns in black, white and caramel colors add a splash of vibrancy. Make sure your house isn’t committing one of these exterior home trends that are on the way out.

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Terrazzo Walls

Terrazzo walls are moving on up — from the floor to the walls that is. While terrazzo was a popular flooring choice in the ’80s, in 2019 it will be gracing walls with soft-hued spots and blotches. Check out these 15 stunning DIY accent walls.

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Earthy Colors

Expect earthy colors to reign supreme in 2019. Beige shades, sage green hues, natural wood tones and more will make for a cozy, soft, peaceful vibe. Add elegance to your favorite room with easy-to-build wood panels.

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Wall Suspensions

While gallery walls and framed prints are still on-trend, they’ll come second to wall hangings in 2019. Expect to see geometric color block hangings in particular. These vintage staples have made a comeback, and they’re better than ever!

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Mushroom Lamps

Dome or mushrooms lamps are resurfacing heavily in 2019. They mix modern with vintage in a clean way that makes for a major statement piece. Here are 14 epic trends in lighting that will inspire you to make these fresh, easy upgrades.

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New Nordic

This trend is a new play on the effortless Scandi look. Expect rooms offering gentle, muted color palettes, from furniture to accessories. A combination of buff leather and earthenware, and ash/bleached wood in colors like canvas white and sage will be big. You should also check out these stylish ways to add hygge to your home.

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Primary Hues

Bold primary colors are predicted to make a comeback in 2019. Prepare to see bold rusty reds, deep indigo blues and even bright mustard yellows. Check out these top 10 home decor ideas from Target.

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Gold Everything

Gold has been creeping up in 2018, and by next year, it’s going to be a home decor trend you see everywhere. Finishes like black gold and gold patinas will pair nicely with popular raw, natural finishes. Here are 12 unique and unexpected ways to use metal in home decor.

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