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Top 10 Shoe Storage Systems for Less Than $40

It's fun buying shoes, but hard to keep them organized. Thankfully, these shoe storage solutions keep things tidy and leave something in the budget for more shoes.

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Over-the-Door Rack Holds 36 Pair!

If you own 36 pairs of your shoes, you might like this over the door rack. It allows you to squeeze plenty of shoes into a small space, and is even aesthetically pleasing thanks to its lack of vinyl pockets! The rack is coated with durable resin that makes for a glossy appearance. Purchase it for $25.89. Organize your closets and store everything neatly with this easy-to-build, yet handsome, box system.

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ShoeFamily Handyman

Make a Shoe Rack with Modern Style

DIY a trendy, modern ladder shelf for your entryway with just $35 worth of supplies and only two tools! You can use the shelf for other things, but it makes a great shoe rack You can follow our guide that shows measurements that can be customized to fit your space. Check out the complete instructions for making this shoe rack.

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4-Pack of Shoe Organizers

These shoe organizers are a simple way to keep your shoes organized. We love that they’re made of eco-friendly ABS plastic and the unique design, with the shoes secured within 3M Command sticky strips. You can put the four-piece set ($13.99) on the closet or bathroom door or near the entryway to store your shoes, slippers, high heels, sneakers and sandals. These seriously clever shoe hacks will have you jumping for joy!

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Modular Shelf

For just $21.99, you can pick up the cool, white modular shoe shelf that is part of this larger storage system. The most alluring part is its unlimited combination options to suit your needs. Give your shoes a sweet place to rest, and add more shelves for showcasing your sweaters and purses. These coat hooks made from repurposed tools and hardware are unique!

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Under-Bed Shoe Storage Drawers

Whether you have a big family, or you’re just a major shoe lover, your household could benefit from this sturdy, under-bed storage system that keeps your most special shoes safe, or off-season shoes out of the way. For $18.99, you’ll get two drawers made of canvas fabric. The best part is, the fabric is breathable, keeping your shoes both dust- and odor-free. For more styles, you can opt for these other under-bed shoe storage solutions, too.

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Baby Shoe Storage

Kids are notorious for tossing off their shoes all over the house. And if you tell them to bring their shoes to their closet, you can bet a mess awaits once you open the closet door! Get their shoes in proper order with the Tot Toes Children’s Shoe Hanger. It can easily be hung in their closet with the provided S-hook, and it holds up to six pairs of footwear. The variety of colors it comes in is especially enticing! Pick from: pink polka dots, zebra stripe, black and white polka dots, pink and green stripe or brown and turquoise polka dots. Get it now for $15.95. Check out how to build a low-cost custom closet.

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10-Compartment Canvas Shoe Organizer

This $14.99 10-compartment shoe organizer can keep your favorite footwear tidy using just five inches of closet rod space! The best part is that it’s wide enough for you to place your shoes side by side, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying one shoe by jamming its mate on top of it within a narrow cubby.

Triple your closet space with this DIY closet storage system.

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Family Handyman

Build a Shoe Organizer

If your lineup of shoes has extended out into valuable floor space, it’s time to store them off the floor. These clean, natural DIY wood racks offer a lovely solution. They can handle everything from winter boots to summer sandals, with no mud buildup or scuff marks on the wall. Plus, it costs less than $20 to make! Here’s everything you need to complete the project.

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IKEA’s TRONES Shoe Storage Cabinet

You can get two of these shoe storage cabinets (in white or black) for just $25. We love that you can combine as many as you’d like, while using the top surface for things like your wallet, cell phone or keys. And because its shallow, it takes up very little space, making it a wonderfully practical solution for entryways. Try these product suggestions to help incorporate your child in the organization process, and make it fun to keep their closet tidy!

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