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19 Treehouses That Look Like UFOS

These treehouses are all out of this world.

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The Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest is part of the Treehotel compound in Sweden and well-camouflaged with branches secluding the view. Inside the treehouse is pure luxury with its circular design. Discover another geodesic beauty in a smaller design that will blow your mind.

Photo: Courtesy of Treehotel

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The geometry of the Healdsburg Treehouse is striking and how it combines in a five-level treehouse will keep your mind working in a meditative setting. The Healdsburg uses reclaimed Douglas fir in its construction.

Douglas fir is great for woodworking, like with some of these outrageous cat furniture pieces.

Photo: Courtesy of Dustin Feider/O2 Treehouse

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Copper Nest

The Copper Nest connects to an existing deck at a home outside of Milwaukee and includes reclaimed wood in half of its construction. It also uses steel awnings that were given a rust patina that blends into the background of the wooded area.

Most of the time we’re trying to get rid of rust in cool ways like with electrolysis, but this look catches the eye.

Photo: Courtesy of Dustin Feider/O2 Treehouse

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Over in the UK, specifically in Cornwall is the Lost Meadow Treepod, which seems just suspended in air. It’s built with recycled materials and uses cedar siding. The Lost Meadow is 20 acres of ancient oaks and meadow. It also sits near a babbling river for a complete outdoor experience. Check out a gorgeous Victorian screen house that uses cedar shingles.

Photo: Courtesy of Canopy and Stars

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The HemLoft

Joel Allen’s treehouse project, The HemLoft, didn’t necessarily begin as a project that would harness reclaimed/recycled material but it turned out that way after he sourced material from Craigslist to help complete the floor of his project. The HemLoft is located in Whistler, British Columbia and is now part of the Medicine Trail and a stop during guided hiking and snowshoe trips.

Get a look at some of the coolest camping gadgets that work perfect for hiking trips, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Joel Allen/The HemLoft

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Julia Transue/Keepsake Photography

Sensational Spaceship

Talk about getting creative when it comes to working with recycled material. Jonathan Juhasz took an old grain silo he found on Craigslist to begin building this treehouse. He added in a repurposed galvanized steel water trough for the doorway and included fiberglass bench seating that he repurposed from a bowling alley. One of the cooler features is a slide, a perfect escape hatch for an emergency landing.

Repurposing items can be a rewarding task, especially if you can create some additional space doing it. Check out some creative solutions to more storage with 13 repurposed items.

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Transue/Keepsake Photography

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Free Spirit Spheres has an assortment of cool-looking treehouses that could been seen as UFOs. It might be a bit of an adventure to get to the site four hours north of Vancouver. Need to bring your dog on a road trip? Check out these tips that will make traveling with your pet smooth sailing. 

Photo: Via Free Spirit Spheres

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Free Spirit Spheres boasts three pods that are available to rent and there’s a fourth on the way. This one is aptly named Melody.

The spheres are built on the principles of biomimicry, which, according to the Biomimicry Institute ( means: “Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies – new ways of living – that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul.”

Make your home more sustainable with these inexpensive upgrades.

Photo: Via Free Spirit Spheres

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You can imagine you’re flying through space in one of the spheres from Free Spirit Spheres. Luna is the latest treehouse Free Spirit Spheres has rolled out. There’s a double bed along with areas to lounge. It might feel similar to hanging out in one of these tiny homes built from recycled material.

Photo: Via Free Spirit Spheres

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Dom’Up of Hodoumont

UFOs supposedly hurdle through space and you’ll have to send yourself a long way to check out this treehouse in Belgium. The cool thing about this treehouse is it provides a view of Hodoumont Castle that dates to the 13th century. Visitors aren’t allowed in the castle but it’ll provide an out-of-this-world setting for a vacation. You can check out these 50 extremely remote castles that are astonishing.

Photo: Via Airbnb

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Huilo Huilo

Huilo Huilo is a biological preserve in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest near the Andes Mountains. It’d be easy to forget your still on Earth in a setting like that. This is eco-chic at its finest.

Photo: Via Huilo Huilo

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Redwoods Treehouse

The Redwoods Treehouse north of Auckland in New Zealand is a getaway from another galaxy. It’s available to rent for private parties and events but comes with a price tag of $3,000. It’s supposed to look like a chrysalis or cocoon and was built from sustainable pine and poplar.

Photo: Via Redwoods Treehouse

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Pinecone Treehouse

You can feel like you’re flying through the air in this treehouse because of its see-through floor panels. It provides an amazing 360-degree view of redwood trees in California from 60 feet in the air. This treehouse is 10 miles out of Santa Cruz in California. We can’t imagine what it takes to clean all that glass but here’s the secret to streak-free glass.

Plus you can rent this bad boy on Airbnb

Photo: Via O2 Treehouse

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The 7th Room

Sitting more than 30 feet of the ground, the 7th Room in Sweden, is part of a collective of futuristic treehouses. It’s designed to allow guests to take in the northern lights and features skylights.

Photo: Via Treehotel

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Baumhaus Solling

This treehouse in Germany might not conjure images of aliens right away but its architecture resembles a rocket in a sense or a spaceship. The hairpin leg design certainly make it unique, plus it stands in a pond, which would be really great for fishing.

Photo: Via Baumraum

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Elbinselhof Krautsand

This complex in Germany has a set of treehouses people can vacation at. The space is surrounded by horses that guests can ride to explore the area, which is near the Elbe River. The hairpin leg design of this treehouse might get you thinking about other objects that look great with hairpin legs, like these.

Photo: Via Baumhaus
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Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

This might not exactly qualify as a treehouse but this observation tower in Germany provides an unparalleled view of the Black Forest. Visitors say you can see for scores of miles all around. It rises more than 130 feet in the air and features a slide that will return you to the bottom. It’s located just outside of Stuttgart in western Germany.

Here’s a handy guide for getting to know how to identify common trees.

Photo: Via Baumwipfelpfad

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This treehouse at the Tree Hotel legitimately looks like a UFO and is called that exactly. It’s certainly reminiscent of homes like the Futuro house and others that look like an extraterrestrial lives there.

Photo: Via Tree Hotel

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Woodside – Canopy Home

Part of the O2 Treehouse suite, the Woodside Canopy Home is another wonderful example of treehouses that look unique.

Photo: Via O2 Treehouse