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Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Your kitchen cabinet color choice is one of the driving design elements in your home. The kitchen cabinets set the tone for not only your kitchen, but your home. The best way to decide on a cabinet color is looking at color palettes. Choose a color that you feel comfortable with and that you think you can live with over time. Still not sure? Take a look at these popular kitchen cabinet color trends.

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Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Cream is the New WhiteAndrew Bassett/Shutterstock

Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Cream is the New White

Neutrals, like white, cream, and gray, work well for a clean and modern design look. This kitchen cabinet trend has really never gone out of style. White and cream give an expansive feeling to a small kitchen. The only problem with cream cabinets is keeping them clean. Here are some DIY ways to clean up and refresh your kitchen cabinets.

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Neutral GrayEssential Image Media/Shutterstock

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Neutral Gray

Looking for something other than white to paint your cabinets? Even if the kitchen industry's leading manufacturers say that white cabinets continue to be their top sellers, gray is the new color that's trending. Try a soft light gray to mimic white or try a dark shade for something unexpected. For DIY tips on how to spray paint your kitchen cabinets, take a look here.

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Sunny YellowadpePhoto/Shutterstock

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Sunny Yellow

Yellow cabinets are a hot new trend if you want a sunny, quaint kitchen. Yellow cabinets definitely make a bold statement. After you update your kitchen cabinets with eye-popping paint, you might want to also build a spice storage rack in one of the drawers or corner cabinet.
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Bring the Ocean InsideRomanSo/Shutterstock

Bring the Ocean Inside

Along the same lines of bringing the sunshine into your kitchen with bright yellow cabinets, you can also bring the soothing characteristics of water to your kitchen with a carefully chosen blue paint. Take color swatches and place them in your kitchen to see how they look at different times of the day before you make your final color choice. For ideas on how to install your own new kitchen cabinets, take a look here.

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Farmhouse GreenAnna_G/Shutterstock

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Farmhouse Green

Another trend is farmhouse green kitchen cabinets. The retro green color gives your kitchen design a calm, comfortable feel. For the DIYer interested in how to build rollout storage drawers, take a peek here.

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Weathered WoodSergey Skleznev/Shutterstock

Weathered Wood

Weathered, distressed, rustic—these are very popular home decor looks, so why not embrace the chips and nicks on your painted cabinets and leave them as-is? Don't expect your parents or grandparents to get it, but if you like it, own it! To see what it takes to refinish cabinets, check out this tutorial.

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Dark EspressoTatsiana Ruselik/Shuttestock

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Dark Espresso

The exact opposite of the clean white cabinet is the espresso cabinet. Go elegant with crystal cabinet hardware or industrial with brushed metal. And here's how to install that hardware.

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Glass-Front DoorsStudioDin/Shutterstock

Glass-Front Doors

Glass-front doors allow for a sneak peek of a brighter color palette on the inside of the cabinet. You can paint the inside of the cabinet an accent color or brighten things up with colorful dishes. If you have a glass-door cabinet, it's important to have a good kitchen organization and storage system in place and here are some really good DIY ideas.
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Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Bold Primary ColorsSix Dun/Shutterstock

Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Bold Primary Colors

Want to take your kitchen cabinetry to a whole new level? Bright red or blue kitchen cabinets colors  might be just the trend for you. And while you're at it, here are 9 easy cabinet repairs.

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Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Ideas: Two-Toned CabinetsArtazum/Shutterstock

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Ideas: Two-Toned Cabinets

Can't decide on just one color among your kitchen remodeling ideas? Two-toned cabinets might be the answer. To do a two-toned look with one color on the top cabinets and a different color on the bottom, be sure to put the darker color on bottom to anchor it. Color is as varied and unique as you are, so have fun picking the color combination perfect for you.

Here are our best tips for choosing paint colors.