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10 Trending Living Room Ideas You Should Know About

The living room may be overtaking the kitchen as the heart of the home. It's where you connect with family, entertain friends before and after meals, cozy up for a movie and decompress on the couch. Here, you have the opportunity to show off your personality through well-thought-out design concepts, inspiring colors, favorite patterns and more.

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Low-Back Furniture for a Room With a View

If you have a living room that has plentiful views of the great outdoors or a beautiful cityscape, your best bet is to stay low in your living room. By no means does that mean you have to be low-key, however! You can still let your personality shine through fabrics, prints and colors, just be sure your furniture doesn’t obstruct your views. Watch out for these items that could be bringing your home bad luck.

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Combine Different Pillow Patterns

Not enough emphasis is placed on pillow talk when it comes to living room ideas. The idea of mix-and-match patterns on large fabrics like sofas, chairs and curtains, is sure to look like chaos, but you can celebrate your love for intricacy by combining different patterns on a smaller scale.

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Subtle Nautical Scheme

Dive into hues of blue and statements of the sea without going overboard by combining blue and white combinations in a subtle way. Forget the classic sailboats and anchors and opt instead for something understated, like a blue armchair and watery motifs mixed into your gallery wall. Here’s the easiest way to hang a gallery wall.

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Repurposed Wood Walls

Repurposed wood walls have a place in various types of homes, making them great for living room ideas across the board. They add warmth to stark living rooms seeking to achieve a minimalist vibe, and play up the cozy culture of a country-chic home. When it comes to your personal style, here are 15 things your home decor says about you.

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Emerald Green Accent Wall

There’s something really impressive about living room ideas that welcome bold colors. An emerald green wall is a major statement, but when paired with soft, dreamy fabrics, it comes off as mellow glamour. Here, instead of standing out, the rich green wall pulls the room together.

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Pile on the Pink

Blush pink continues to remain on-trend. For your living room ideas, go bigger than pink pillows with a pink sofa. It will serve as the room’s focal point, so you can keep the rest of the space simple. Check out these ways to make your home look expensive.

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Bright Accent Chair

Who says the couch has to be the star of your living room? Step outside the box by complementing a soft-focused living room with something chic, unique and totally bold, like a bright, floral patterned accent chair. It’s sure to be a conversation starter. If you decorated your home according to your zodiac sign, this is what it would look like.

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Boost Functionality

A living room serves many purposes. It can be a place where kids play with all their toys, family members snooze on the couch, people curl up in chairs with books and everyone gathers to watch the TV. That’s why functionality is of the utmost importance.

Do you really want to haul your kids’ things back to the playroom? Should all the fun books be stored on shelves in the bedroom?

Select furniture that expresses your personality and helps with living room organization. For instance, try an oversized ottoman that’s a foot rest, a coffee table (when you place a tray on top) and a place to store odds and ends, like kids’ toys. This one comes with child safety hinges. These 12 things make your home dated (but you can fix them).

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Layered Living Room

Can’t make up your mind on what type of look you’re going for? Add layers to create a little bit of everything you love. Try a funky chair that begs to be sat in, like this teardrop hanging chair. Add dimension to your walls with an abstract design, and incorporate tall plants that bring the eye up. From floor to ceiling, there’s something to admire.

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Go Neutral With a Zebra Print

If you like neutral, natural colors, try adding a touch of muted zebra print to your living room ideas. It’s playful enough to add layers to your space, but when used in a subtle way, adds to the aesthetics of a soothing space. Next, check out these 14 iconic mid-century modern decor elements.

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