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25 Trends in Home Decor

Curious about what is going to be popular in home décor? Check out these expert-approved trends.

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Coffee and dining tableFamily Handyman

Multi-Tasking Furniture

With the rise of minimalism and working from home, functional furniture is hotter than ever. These multi-tasking pieces work in both large and small homes. Consider two-in-one items like a combined coffee and dining table or a Murphy bed and desk, as well as furniture with hidden storage.

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Earthy Tonespornpawit/Shutterstock

Earthy Tones

It seems those dark greens and browns, along with pictures of plants and animals, aren’t going anywhere. Many interior designers have pointed to that as a standout this coming year. At the Milan Design Week paint shades of sage, celery and avocado greens stood out. Think reds, brown-blacks as well for the interior.
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Natural Wood

Natural wood furniture has always been popular but natural wood surfaces are emerging as well, especially the live edge look. It might extend into the kitchen with bowls.
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Add Some

Add Some Greens

While houseplants never go out of style, décor featuring plants will be big in home design. And plants are an easy way to design on a budget and can add pops of color to the space. Try putting plants in colorful planters or hanging them in front of a large window.
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Rustic BathroomsadpePhoto/Shutterstock

Rustic Bathrooms

Move over modern. When it comes to bathroom home design trends, it's all about rustic. And whether it's an old claw-foot tub, a shiplap wall or a couple well-placed rustic accents, there are plenty of ways to move beyond the sleek, modern bathroom designs that have been everywhere the last few years.
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ecobee-thermostat Tracking the Weather

Home Automation

We’ve covered a lot of technological devices that people are starting to add to their homes like smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, home security options, as well as devices that can automatically shut off your water main. People are beginning to incorporate the interior design of their home around those devices.

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Painted CeilingsAndrea Rugg/Getty Images

Painted Ceilings

The ceiling is an oft-neglected part of home décor. It’s a highly imaginative space this year with ideas like color prints, graphics, wallpaper and exposed beams all part of the mix. Get your ceiling prepped by removing a popcorn ceiling. Then, paint your ceiling in a fun, trendy color.
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Wall Art

Wall art is also high on the trend list because of the versatility of the presentation. Art or framed photos don’t have to placed in a specific order, instead the order in which they are displayed becomes a decorating technique itself. Learn how to make wall art for your home.
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BrickAfrica Studio/Shutterstock


Restaurants, bars and retail spots have still clamored to incorporate brick facades to their design and it appears it will remain popular. With the earth tones like brown staying prominent, it’s easy to see why people will want to see brick stick around. See how to reset a loose brick, should you need to repair a brick wall.
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Animal PrintsPlusONE/Shutterstock

Animal Prints

Faux animal skin hides are slated to trend as a way to break up the ennui of a floor. If that's not your look, try on a farmhouse style.
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Bar carts, decanters and the like are still in and why wouldn’t they be in times like these?  
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VelvetAnn Bulashenko/Shutterstock


It appears velvet might be socially acceptable. NY Now dubbed velvet the “IT” fabric. Learn some easy interior design tips for your home.
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Small, Colorful Accents

This is going to be in the form of a bright color that stands out from the rest of the décor and will play an especially important role in homes that feature earthy tones. It could be something as simple as a bright throw pillow in the form of a bright caramel.
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Designers are saying geometric shapes will play a prominent role in design, but they don’t have to be sharp geometric features. Circles are getting a lot of attention early for looks, especially on walls and furniture pillows.
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Florals are expected to make a return but not in a subtle way. Over-sized blooms will be the rage and they’ll come in contrasting colors. Floral wallpaper is especially hot. As you're thinking about floral designs, get thinking about your garden in the spring with a garden arch.
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Dutch Boy announced its 2018 Color of the Year as greige, which is a blend of gray and beige so expect to see some of that as it complements Dutch Boy’s Quest palate of earth hues. Pantone's 2021 colors of the year are gray and yellow, which blend perfectly with this trendy color.
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MinimalismVadym Andrushchenko/Shutterstock


Small is beautiful is sticking around again. Millennials seem less concerned with the amount of possessions they have and more concerned about the quality of their possessions. Discover how to downsize with some tips.
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The Trulia Design Panel is saying patterns on patterns is going to be big. More mid-century patterns could be seen in textiles and porcelains in the coming year. Check out some trendy paint patterns as well.
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Safety Handrails: Install 'Invisible' Grab BarsFamily Handyman

Safety Handrails: Install 'Invisible' Grab Bars

Sometimes people are reluctant to add grab bars because they think it will make their home look institutional. But you can find stylish and sturdy grab bars in many shapes, sizes and finishes, and some, like those in the elegant Invisia Collection, serve double duty as towel racks, toilet paper holders, corner shelves and more. Visit or search for "designer grab bars" and "specialty grab bars" in your browser. Plus: 9 Clever and Useful Bathroom Storage Tips
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Over-sized Furnituresedat seven/Shutterstock

Over-sized Furniture

Furniture will work as a statement piece as over-sized sofas and chairs make their way into living rooms. And with more homeowners wanting large, open living areas, these over-sized pieces—whether in a modern or antique style—will help fill the space.
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Textured, Patterned

Textured, Patterned Wallcoverings

Whether it's a patterned wallpaper or an over-sized piece of 3-D artwork, patterned and textured walls will be everywhere. Try abstract patterns, large floral designs or paisley for a look that will make a statement.
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Repurposed Items

While refinishing old items such as furniture has been hot for years, the home design trend will be to use old finds in new ways. And try using an old end table as a child's LEGO table or turn a wheelbarrow into a chair!
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Water ColorsNaphat_Jorjee/Shutterstock

Water Colors

Water-inspired hues will be go-to paint colors, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. And think turquoise which pairs well with both white and wood accents.
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White Flooring

While it may be difficult to maintain, white flooring will be everywhere. Think white tile in the bathroom and kitchen and white wood flooring in living areas. And white brightens up even the darkest rooms and works with nearly every color combo.
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Brass Accents

Brass is making a comeback in home design decor. The metal will bring some pizzazz to an otherwise dull room. And try a brass-framed mirror, brass light fixtures and tables with brass legs.