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Ugliest Cars from Each Decade

Can you imagine paying for and driving around in one of these hideous cars?

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1947 Davis D-2 Divan

This absurdly ugly car was Davis Motorcar Company’s take on Indianapolis 500s “The Californian.” The result was a pitiful three-wheeler that features four-across seating. Right as production was volumizing, the company went out of business. From a James Bond car to the Batmobile, these are some of the coolest, funniest and weirdest cars in entertainment history.

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1958 Subaru 360

A rear-engine, two-door city car, the Subaru 360 was manufactured and marketed until 1971. Serving as the company’s first automobile, the tiny car was nicknamed the “ladybug” in Japan, where it was one of the nation’s most popular vehicles. Malcolm Bricklin brought the Subaru to the U.S., advertising it as “Cheap and Ugly.” Only 10,000 were sold.

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1958 Edsel Pacer Bermuda

Featuring two-tone coral-and-white paint, along with faux wood paneling, fins, chrome and whitewalls, this is surely one of the ugliest cars to date. The nine-passenger wagon had the lowest production of the 18 different models Edsel produced in 1959 with only 779 units. Camo, rust and leopard are just some of the paint jobs and vinyl wraps that make these celebrity cars absolutely hideous.

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1961 Plymouth Valiant Wagon

One of the ugliest cars Plymouth manufactured, the Valiant wagon was a flop. The car attempted to create a futuristic design that didn’t fit in well with the classic collection of the 1960s, and so consumers scoffed at its design.

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1965 Rambler Marlin

Later named the AMC Marlin, this two-door fastback automobile was produced by American Motors Corporation from 1965 to 1967. Marketed as a personal luxury car, consumers could have cared less about it given the Mustang of the time. Perhaps its most interesting detail is the tapered fastback roof.

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1975 AMC Gremlin

It’s just as ugly as the name indicates. The AMC Gremlin looked like it belonged in a cartoon rather than on the streets, especially with its wonky hatchback. The fact that it was named after a make-believe monster just made matters worse. Despite how ugly it was to look at, the Gremlin closed sales at nearly 700,000! Check out these 13 weird car features you didn’t know you might have.

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1979 Commuta-Car

Originally named the CitiCar in 1974, this small coupe borrowed its design from a Club Car golf cart. In 1979, the design was sold to Commuter Vehicles, who changed the name to Commuta-Car. The design was upgraded with a six horsepower electric motor, along with hideously oversized bumpers.

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1982 Chrysler LeBaron

This boxy vehicle showcased the unfortunate wood-paneled trend of the 1980s. One of its worst attributes was surely the cloth and vinyl roof on the convertible models. From protection from the sun to overall safety, it’s not hard to see why this design was frowned upon. Here are the nine most reliable cars that rarely need a mechanic.

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Pontiac Aztek 2001 – 2005

Besides Walter White speeding around New Mexico, evading the law and drug lords in Breaking Bad, there’s not much else that’s cool about the Pontiac Aztec. The vehicle was a far cry from innovative, looking merely like one car stacked atop another. Nevertheless, if you search for Pontiac Aztek’s for sale online, you’ll see many marketed as the car driven by Walter White.

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Fiat Multipla 1998 – 2010

The Fiat Multipla was a bizarre design that finally ended production in 2010. The vehicle featured two rows of three seats in a hatchback. It looked like a cartoon car come to life!

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