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Urban Garden Products We Know You’ll Love

You don’t need a huge backyard to have a breathtaking garden. These products turn even the smallest balcony into a lush, green space.

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Collapsible Watering Can

Save a little room with a collapsible watering can, which folds up neatly for easy storage in the garage or beneath the kitchen sink. This large watering can comes with a gentle rain-style spout and built-in storage. It even doubles as a two-gallon bucket.
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Double-Layered Urban Garden Beds

When most people think of a garden, they imagine a large plot of dirt. If you have a balcony, alleyway or patio instead of a wide-open yard, you can still have garden beds — only above ground instead of in-ground. These stacked garden beds make efficient use of space by offering double-layer planting or storage space. Try this set of four raised bed gardens from Giantex, or place pots and tools on the bottom rack of this garden cart planter.

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Corner Urban Garden

The open corner beside your front step or balcony wall is prime real estate for urban gardening. Use a tiered plant stand to display your pots and expand your corner’s floor space. Because the tiers are stepped, not stacked, your plants are free to grow as they please. You’ll cut down on watering time thanks to the compact, easy-to-reach design. The rounded shape offers a soft, natural ambiance in an otherwise empty and angular corner.

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Stackable Planters

Strawberries notoriously take up a lot of room. When planted in an in-ground garden, they’ll quickly take over, spreading to any open soil. They are, however, ideal for urban gardening. These stackable planters are the perfect home for strawberry plants. The vertical design and individual openings allow you to grow plenty of plants without overcrowding. They work for other types of plants, too.

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Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are another ingenious way to make use of vertical space. Attach them to the balcony above yours or to the ceiling near a window. You could even add a hook to the wall near your front door. Stylish, white planters look crisp and clean indoors, while wire baskets with coconut liners look right at home outdoors.

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Grow Lights

Urban gardening is about making your situation work. If you don’t have a sunny outdoor space, try adding grow lights to your pots and planters. Pico’s palm-sized pots with built-in grow lights are the perfect size for urban dwellers. Set them on shaded windowsills, windowless kitchen counters, bookshelves and more. Pico is still in development, but those who back their campaign on Indiegogo receive the product before its release. If you have enough space, a full-sized panel of grow lights is just right for seed starting trays and other rectangular planters.

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Railing Pots

Line your balcony railing with pots and pockets for a showy garden display. Neighbors will admire your green thumb, and you’ll save floor space for lounge chairs. These bright pots come in a variety of colors and sit directly atop the railing. And these double-sided plant pockets fold up for easy winter storage.

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Wall-Mounted Pots

Cover an ugly wall or railing with these wall-mounted pots. Try strategically planting by color to create a living mural. Or stick with herbs and garnishes for an all-green backdrop. Then place a table and chairs in front of your new wall for a scenic slice of urban paradise.

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Herb Starting Kit

Fresh herbs elevate almost every recipe. However, store-bought packages spoil quickly. This herb kit comes with basil, cilantro, parsley, sage and thyme so that you can clip a sprig whenever you need one. Dry any extras and save them in your spice drawer.

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Self-Watering Planter

When you don’t have a garden hose, heading inside to repeatedly refill the watering can is a pain. Self-watering planters save time and keep your plants happy. This urban garden planter from Glowpear is safe to use indoors and outdoors. Just fill the water reservoir and let your plants drink as they please.

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Mikayla Borchert
Mikayla is an assistant editor for Family Handyman, specializing in indoor and outdoor gardening, organization and décor. She has one cat and holds a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota. Outside of work, she likes running, skiing, hiking and tending her balcony garden.