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Vintage Family Handyman Project: All-in-One Youth Bed

Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through step-by-step projects. To celebrate our 70th anniversary, here's a look back at this vintage all-in-one youth bed project.

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kids bed Family Handyman

1985 All-in-One Youth Bed Project

Family Handyman first launched in 1951, so 2021 marks our 70th anniversary. We’re celebrating with some of our favorite content from over the years. This vintage all-in-one youth bed project ran in our February 1985 issue. As the article says, “Everything your child needs for sleeping, studying and playing is designed into this space-saving unit.

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kids bedFamily Handyman

Features of the All-in-One Bed

“Our modular study/sleep area makes efficient use of floor space. It’s a fun place to work and play. To a youngster, it’s not just a bed, it’s a castle, play house and place of refuge.”

This all-in-one bed features a twin bed, a drawer module for holding clothes, a storage module for storing personal items, a desk, bookcase, bulletin board and ladder.

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kids bedFamily Handyman

Finishing and Assembly

“Sand the redwood frame as well and apply two coats of low-gloss polyurethane varnish to it. Once dried, disassemble the frame to move it into its final spot in your home.”

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Kids bedFamily Handyman

Youth Bed Construction

“Mill the finial’s groove with a dado blade in your radial arm saw. Once again, use a hefty stop block.

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kids bedFamily Handyman

Project Drawings

Use these project drawings for an in-depth overview to complete this all-in-one bed project.

Check out these Family Handyman vintage truck ads from the ‘80s.

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kids bedFamily Handyman

Cutting List

This cutting list provides exact measurements for every piece needed to construct this all-in-one bed project.

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