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Vintage Floor Tile Ideas

These designs in the kitchen, bathrooms and beyond showcase the character, craftsmanship and timeless appeal of vintage floor tile.

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Bathroom Tile Courtesy @gemcityhome/instagram

Blue and White Greek Key

Can you believe this gorgeous 1920s tile floor lay hidden under generic beige tile?

The restoration was a long process for @gemcityhome. She salvaged as much of the original tile as she could, then used replicas to fill in the rest. The blue and white Greek key pattern inspired the rest of the bathroom design — gorgeous!

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Totheshireborn Tiktok TilesCourtesy totheshireborn/tiktok

Victorian Tile

Some sections of this 150-year-old Victorian tile were damaged beyond repair. So @totheshireborn painstakingly made replicas of the patterned tiles by hand to replace the broken pieces. The resulting entry hall floor is straight out of a time capsule.

While nothing can measure up to the real thing, you can find Victorian-inspired tile that looks a lot like genuine vintage tile.

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Historic Home Row On InstagramCourtesy @historichomerow/instagram

Hexagonal Mosaic

Small hexagonal tiles became popular in the early 1900s. More than 100 years later, the classic look is still a crowd pleaser.

@historichomerow restored the bathroom in this 1914 cottage with new but historically accurate black and white hex tiles. Mosaic patterns and colors are limitless with these tiny tiles. They’re a DIY-friendly way to bring an old world feel to your home.

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Labor Of Love Courtesy @1920craftsman Via InstagramCourtesy @1920craftsman/Instagram

Labor of Love

Of course, salvaging vintage floor tile is not always easy. Restoring this bathroom floor was a labor of love for @1920craftsman.

The floor wasn’t in good shape, and deep cleaning it multiple times was just the beginning. The real job entailed scraping out the damaged grout with a small precision blade. Definitely worth the effort; the finished floor looks gorgeous against the playful pink walls and simple decor.

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Bathroom Tile Courtesy @nicolewear/instagram

Traditional With a Twist

This bright bathroom by @nicolewear cleverly mixes old and new for eclectic modern style.

The large hexagon tiles on the wall coordinate with the small vintage hex tile on the floor. Gold accents and a few potted plants finish the look. Bonus points for that colorful jungle wallpaper just outside the bathroom!

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Tile floorCourtesy lucinamr/tiktok

Buried Treasure

When @lucinamr removed the old damaged laminate flooring in their casita (aka little house), they discovered vintage encaustic tiles made in the early 1940s! (Encaustic tile is decorated with colored clays, inlaid and fired.)

Cleaning away paint, glue and other grime was no small task. But they restored the rich colors of this vintage tile flooring to its original glory. Here’s a red cement tile option to recreate a similar look.

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No3onthequay Tile Courtesy @no3onthequay/instagram

Vintage Tile Style

Not all of us are lucky enough to have genuine vintage tile in our home, but you can achieve a vintage style look with the right tile choice. For her entry hall, @no3onthequay used new ceramic tile (Henley by Affinity Tile) with square, rectangular and star shapes to create an encaustic look inspired by vintage Spanish design.

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