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Family Handyman’s Vintage Truck Ads from the ‘80s

As part of our 70th Anniversary celebration, Family Handyman takes a look back at the rough-'n-tumble trucks of the 1980s.

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Dodge Ram Miser, 1982

Chrysler introduced the Ram D150 Miser in 1982, which featured the highly respected “slant six” engine. Considered one of the best engines ever made, the slant six also promised good fuel economy when paired with a four-speed manual transmission. The Miser also gained a competitive edge by offering the lowest price of comparable trucks. We’re in love with those gold pinstripes!

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Dodge Rampage, 1982

The Dodge Rampage enjoyed a rather short shelf-life in the competitive world of truck manufacturing. It was produced from 1982-84 with fewer than 50,000 units made. Billed as America’s first “sports pickup,” the Rampage was a precursor to the Chrysler El Camino and today’s sports utility vehicles.

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Chevy 1500 (1/2-ton) Pickup, 1988

Tough, rugged and powerful, the 1988 version of the Chevy 1500 was one of the stalwart pickup trucks of the 1980s. Chevy clearly hoped to appeal to the inner beast in every Family Handyman reader.

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