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Wall Stencils for Painting That Aren’t Tacky

Want to completely transform the look of a room without spending a fortune? Here are our favorite wall stencils for painting.

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Damask Stencils

Damask wall stencils for painting give your home an elegant and upscale look. You can even alter the look of your design by placing them closer together or farther apart. Covering your entire wall with a close-knit version of this design gives the appearance of high-end wallpaper without the high-end price. Next, find out what are the best wall paint colors this year.

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Tile Stencil

These wall stencils for painting create the perfect optical illusions. They make your spaces look like you’ve spent lots of time and money grouting and tiling. And, tile stencils come in many styles from this simple subway tile on the wall to the more intricate Aztec-style on the floor.

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Nature Stencil

Those looking for more serene wall stencils for painting can choose from lots of nature designs. There are gorgeous leaf stencils and birch branches that will transform your room into an enchanted forest. You can even get a stencil that has the appearance of falling raindrops.

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Large Graphic Stencil

< These large graphic wall stencils for painting are great for putting together themed or children's rooms. You can turn a room into a starry night with star and moon stencils. You can also create a jungle scene with this tiger and giraffe stencil. The possibilities are endless, you just need some imagination!

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Border Stencil

You don’t need to stencil your entire wall to give your room a new look. Wall border stencils for painting can be placed around the edge of your walls or even around your ceiling. A border stencil can completely upgrade your room with minimal work. And, they come in a plethora of different designs!

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Inspirational Quote or Phrase Stencil

Everyone needs a little motivation now and then and inspirational quotes really deliver. Stenciling a quote on your wall ensures that you’ll never forget these important messages. These wall stencils for painting really allow our personalities and values to shine through in our homes. You can grab yourself some letter stencils and stencil each letter individually or have a company like CraftBoxDesignStudio make a custom stencil for you.

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You’ll often find wall stencils for painting that come in Moroccan prints. These designs can be simple or intricate and reflect designs you see in Morocco and elsewhere in Islamic culture. These stencils often connect to each other to create a wallpaper effect. Some of these stencils can also create the look of tile.

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You can also achieve a classic chevron look with wall stencils for painting. (Ever wonder what is the difference between chevron and herringbone? Herringbone patterns use an arrangement of rectangles that are meant to resemble the bones of a herring fish! Here is more on the subject.) These wall stencils come in varied designs using thin or thick lines. So, you can get very different looks using similar patterns.

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Geometric Design

Wall stencils for painting come in all sorts of really cool geometric designs. The rhombus design creates a sophisticated feel in your room. You can also choose a honeycomb or hexagon design or something totally unique, like this pattern. Geometric stencils are really great for modernizing your spaces.

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Lace isn’t just for fabric. Use wall stencils for painting to create the look of lace on your walls. These gorgeous stencils have a beautiful and soft feel to them. They give your room a feminine and traditional look. The variety of lace pattern stencils available is just stunning. There are scalloped designs, like the one shown here, floral designs and many more.

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