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12 Ways to Boost Your Living Room Storage

Whether you have a small living space or just want to clean up the clutter, here are 12 ideas to improve your living room storage options.

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Wall Cubes

Wall cubes are one of our favorite modern living room organization ideas, and they’re a great choice if you’re short on floor space. Try using a few of them hung together to store books, photos and other pieces of memorabilia. This is the proper way to hang shelves.

Want to know how to build DIY wall cubes? Here’s how!

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Go Under the Couch

If you have a couch that sits off the floor, see if there’s enough space underneath for slim storage bins. This would make a good spot to store your child’s craft supplies, knitting projects or throw blankets. Need to move some furniture? Check out these 14 tips and tricks before you start.

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Suitcase Storage

Try using a vintage suitcase as a place to store TV remotes, magazines and video game controllers. Suitcases can sit on a shelf, be stacked up on the floor or try turning one into a floating shelf. Check out these 12 ingenious bedroom furniture ideas.

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Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is a simple way to add living room storage. Not only does it offer a spot to stash items to get them out of the way, but it can serve as an extra seat and even a coffee tableOrganize your living room with these 11 clever ideas.

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Fireplace Storage

If you have a non-working fireplace, consider using it as a storage space. Be sure to clean it out first, but you can use it as a place to display decorative objects our install simple shelves and store books on them. Here are 12 more ingenious ideas for non-functioning fireplaces.

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Decorative Bins and Boxes

If you have a lot of cables and cords, remotes and controllers that you want to keep out-of-sight, consider using some decorative fabric boxes. Colorful boxes are a stylish way to hide items and they don’t take up much space, as they can be stacked in a corner or put on a shelf. These simple storage solutions work great for small spaces.

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Bookcases are easy living room storage solutions and they don’t have to be just for books. Use a bookshelf to store toys, craft supplies and even books!

Check out these 25 beautiful bookcases you’ll want in your house.

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Storage Coffee Table

For a lot of added storage, look for a coffee table that opens up and allows you to stash things inside. There are several models, including this one, available on Amazon that allow you to store various items inside and out-of-sight. For a super-cool DIY coffee table, try one of these 14 ideas.

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Skinny Table Behind the Couch

Try moving your couch away from the wall a few inches so you can fit a skinny table behind it. This table is a great place to keep small items, and even has an outlet to charge electronics. Here are 10 DIY tables you can build quickly.

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Under a Table

Try hiding items underneath a table skirt. A table skirt with a pretty pattern will not only add to your living room decor, but allows you to hide bulky or odd-shaped items underneath in baskets or bins. Try these instant storage solutions for every room in your home.

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great living room storage solution for those with small living spaces. Not only do they offer a place to store items, but can become a focal point of the living room. You can build floating shelves in just a couple of hours.

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Armrest Organizer

An armrest organizer allows you to keep your remote, reading glasses, notebook and pen all in one spot so there’s no more losing items between the cushions. This organizer has a metal bracket clamp to help keep it in place and the top has a tray to hold snacks and drinks. Here are 15 products under $15 that will organize all of your stuff.

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