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10 Ways to Prep Your House if You’re Hosting a Holiday Party

Halloween is on its way, and before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will follow. More than likely, you'll be hosting a get together in your house sometime between now and the new year. Here are some tips to prep your house before you host a holiday party.

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Figure out the Flow

When guests arrive for your party, they’re going to come in, wonder where to hang up their coats, greet you, and then head for the food. Plan ahead for plenty of room for coats, boots, shoes and umbrellas near the door, or designate someone to be in charge of taking belongings to a bedroom or office area. Also, make sure the food and drinks are easy to get and that there are plenty of comfortable places to sit.

If you’re not into the traditional holidays but you’d like to host a party, how about a modern day barn raising?!

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Move Furniture

Need more space for your guests to mingle? Our holiday tip: move furniture closer to the walls or completely out of the main party space and into a bedroom or office. This is the one time when it’s a good idea to push your sofa up against the wall! Read these helpful tips about moving furniture.

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Deep Clean Your House

This is the time to really clean your house. Vacuum, mop, dust, clean counters and sinks and make sure any space you plan to have people in is clean. Here’s what you need to know to get your carpet super clean.

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Remove Breakables and Valuables

If it’s breakable and it’s important to you, find a safe spot for it, away from the festivities. As careful as your guests may be, they don’t know your space like you do and may not be aware of something fragile nearby. If something made of glass DOES get broken, here is one clever way to clean up broken glass quickly.

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Find a Place for Your Pup

If your dog isn’t people friendly or if they get spooked by loud noises, consider having someone else look after them during the party. These are our top tips for pet care and safety.

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Spruce up Your Bathroom

Chances are, party guests are going to use your bathroom. Make sure it’s clean and stocked with hand towels and plenty of toilet paper. Consider adding decorations that fit your party theme, as well.

Have a lot of clutter in your bathroom? Check out these 20 bathroom storage hacks!

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Add Some Cozy Touches

Make your space inviting for your guests! Light a fire if you have a fireplace and have plenty of soft pillows and blankets sitting around. If you want people to take off their shoes in your space, consider providing comfy socks for everyone (they double as a party favor!)!

Hosting a holiday party? Here are some ideas to ensure you have holiday décor in every room!

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Clean up Clutter

Whose house doesn’t have at least a few piles of unopened mail, misplaced toys and permission slips to be signed? Find a place for those things before your party. These 11 brilliant hacks to declutter will make it easy!

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Fix Things that Are Obviously Broken

Have a broken door handle? Burned out recessed light bulb? Tear in your sofa cover? If it’s something that your guests will surely see, consider repairing it.

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Make More Seating Space

Although people tend to stand at a party, if you’re having a more substantial meal, people like a place to sit. Create additional seating by bringing in benches and covering it with an attractive blanket. Having adequate seating is especially important if you’re having any older guests. Here’s a super-simple bench you can make in a couple of hours!

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