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5 Best Blades for Your Oscillating Multi Tool

Just when you thought your oscillating multitool couldn't possibly do more...

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Electrical Box Cutout Blade

This “blade” is actually four blades that simultaneously cut a perfect junction box hole in drywall (don’t expect it to cut wood!). Other sizes are available and its virtually compatible with every oscillating power tool. Get more tips for cutting drywall like a pro here.

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Angle Blade

On rare occasions, an oscillating blade won’t go where you need it to. For those tight-space predicaments, this just might be the solution. This angle blade is great for wood, nails and PVC. Did you know you can also remove grout with your oscillating multitool? Here’s how.

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Mini Scroll Saw

This yoke turns an oscillating tool into a tiny scroll saw. As with a scroll saw, you can cut tight, precise curves using standard or spiral blades.

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Double Sided Blade

When this blade becomes too dull to use, you don’t toss it in the trash. Instead, you flip it around and get fresh, sharp teeth.

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Caulk Knife

It quickly slices away old caulk and—as it heats up due to friction—cuts even faster. This blade can beat up nearby surfaces, so practice in an inconspicuous area first. Get neater, long-lasting caulk joints with these tips.

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