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5 Window Cleaning Products All Homeowners Should Own

If you’re still grabbing the Windex and a roll of paper towels when it comes time to wash your windows, listen up! With just a few cheap window-washing accessories, you can make those windows much cleaner, much faster.

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TecUnite Long Handle Blade Scraper

A large razor scraper like the TecUnite is a must-have tool for scraping away deposits from glass. (Small razor scrapers work too, they just take much longer to get the job done.) Let a good dose of window cleaner soak the dirt and grime for a few minutes, then scrape the entire surface free of stuck-on debris. Reapply the soap and clean the window as usual. Want to learn how pros clean windows?

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Ettore 50010 Mighty Window Washer, 10-in.

Lots of pros fill up a bucket with hot water and use Dawn dishwashing liquid as their soap. The best way to soap up and scrub a window is with a microfiber sleeve and handle. Do the soaping and scrubbing before the razor blade step. When you’re washing those windows, you may realize it’s time for replacement.

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Ettore 45000 All Purpose Extension Pole, 5-Feet

Unless your windows are all at ground level, you’ll either need to use a ladder or extension handle to reach the glass. Of course an extension handle is safer, faster and easier. The length you get depends on how high your windows are, so order accordingly. Get a telescoping handle if you have windows at varying heights. Before you take the leap, learn everything you need to know about window replacement here.

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Ettore 11110 Original Window Squeegee, 10-Inch

You’ll never see a pro washing windows without a squeegee, and you shouldn’t skip it either. After scrubbing and scraping down the glass, squeegee off all of the liquid and debris. Wipe off the rubber with a rag after each pass and you’ll be amazed at how quick the job goes and how clean the window is. Use the extension wand for the squeegee when you have to. (Just make sure that you select the squeegee and scrubbing device so they’ll thread into the pole.) Here are 25 crazy cleaning tips that work!

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Streak Free Microfiber Cloth

Don’t use paper towels to do the final polishing on windows. It gets expensive and you have a mess of paper towels that just get tossed. Use microfiber towels instead. They do a better job and you can wash and reuse them over and over. Washing those windows up close might make it painfully obvious that your windows need painting. Here’s how to do it yourself.

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