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The Best Winter Gear for Your Dog

Choose the right winter gear so your dog can enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably when the snow falls and temperatures drop.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Best Cleaner for Snowy Paws

Snow, ice, mud and rock salt are bad for your dog’s paws — and your floors. Colby Lehew, a professional dog trainer at Dogletics in Chicago who specializes in herding, sledding and skijoring, likes the Anipaw 2-in-1 Portable Dog Paw Washer because it’s super effective and easy to use. Simply fill it with warm water, stick a paw inside, then remove and dry with a towel.

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Best Coat for Short-Haired Dogs

Dogs with less fur tend to get especially chilly in winter. The specially-designed heavy material in the Hurtta Expedition Insulated Dog Parka keeps short-haired dogs and those without an undercoat warm. This dog coat is laminated to be water and wind resistant, even after a roll in the snow. And the adjustable length, neckline and collar accommodate an extra layer underneath if needed.

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Best Heated Water Bowl

Winter’s lower humidity dehydrates dogs, especially since they’re using more energy to stay warm. The K&H Thermal-Bowl Heated Dog Bowl provides drinkable ice-free water outdoors, even in sub-zero temperatures. A steel-wrapped cord and well-sealed electronics help ensure your pet’s safety.

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Best Fleece Vest for Small Dogs

A small dog with a low body fat percentage really benefits from an extra layer of warmth in the winter. The durable yet lightweight Gooby Dog Fleece Vest with Leash Ring makes a great extra layer to help regulate body temperature around the house, or to wear under a heftier coat outdoors. Another plus: It’s easy to slip on quickly for use as a dog harness when your dog has to go out right now.

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Best Dog Snow Boots

Snow, ice and freezing surfaces are rough on a dog’s delicate paw pads. The tough, durable EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots protect paws while keeping them warm and dry. Heavy-duty tread tackles the snowiest and most rugged conditions. They come in eight paw sizes, accommodating everything from small terriers to big mountain dogs.

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Best Body Warmer for Active Dogs

No dog owner wants to keep an active dog trapped inside just because it’s extra cold and snowy out. The smooth, stretchy Hurtta Body Warmer Dog Bodysuit is made from a breathable fabric with a foil lining that contains body heat. That keeps them warm enough to play outside for long periods and head off sore muscles, too. It’s nice and thin — easy enough to play in or wear under another a coat or jacket.

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Best Winter Outdoor Dog Toy

Dog toys tend to get lost during dark, snowy winter nights. Not the color-changing, battery-operated Flashflight Dog Discuit LED Flying Disc, made specifically for nighttime play. No more waiting till the snow melts to find your dog’s lost disc!

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Best Outdoor Insulated Dog House

Keep dogs protected against freezing, snowy weather with the Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel. Extra-thick timber, Styrofoam and plywood walls provide well-insulated protection against the elements. Adjustable two-inch legs help air circulate underneath and keep the floor dry in this dog kennel. It stays cooler in the summer, too.

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Best Full-Body Dog Jacket for Extreme Weather

Harsh winter conditions are just as dangerous for dogs as humans, but adventure-loving dogs can’t just sit winter out. Enter the DogHelios Blizzard Full-Bodied Dog Jacket, with a water- and wind-proof outer layer, plus an inner layer made of a thick, anti-static fleece. It’s reflective, too, for visibility even in blizzard conditions.

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Best Heated Pad for Cold Floors

When temps drop, pets often give up their usual spot on the foyer or garage floor. The low-wattage indoor-outdoor K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad provides warmth, even in sub-zero temperatures. And its waterproof exterior keeps it moisture-free, too.

It’s perfect for an outdoor doghouse, basement, garage, laundry room, shed, porch — any place, indoors or out, that your dog likes to lounge. Although the cord is steel-wrapped for safety, this pad isn’t recommended for destructive pets or teething puppies.

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Best Coat for Stubborn Dogs

Many dogs find coats uncomfortable and fight to keep them off. For them, professional dog trainer and behavior specialist Jen Jones of Your Dog Advisor recommends the MIGOHI Stormguard Winter Dog Coat. “[It’s] lined with super-soft fleece and cotton, making it so comfortable for your dog,” she says. A stick-to-fasten belt and elasticized leg straps make it a cinch to put on and take off.

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