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11 Ideas for Organizing Your Basement

There's a good chance we could all use some more storage in our homes. There are some simple storage solutions you can add to your basement that will make your space more organized. Whether you use your lower level for storage only or also as a living space, here are 11 ideas for organizing your basement.

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builtin-shelves organizing your basement

Image Credits:Houzz

Use Empty Space

Put that empty space under the stairs to use with a built-in storage solution. If your basement is finished, use the space to store toys or movies.

Photo: Courtesy of Houzz

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Double-Decker Shelves

These double-decker shelves can be used to store paint, cleaning supplies and you can add hooks to hang items such as extension cords and brooms. This simple woodworking project will cost you between $20 and $100, depending on what materials you already have on hand.

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Image Credits:Heart Work Organizing

Stairwell Storage

Think of your stairwell as an extension of your basement. If there’s room, add a couple floating shelves and hooks for a little extra storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Heart Work Organizing

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storage bin tower

Image Credits:Family Handyman

Plastic Bins

Since moisture is a common problem in basements, recycle the cardboard boxes and go with plastic bins to store seasonal items or things you don’t use regularly. Plastic bins will do a better job at keeping moisture out and are easy to label and move around on shelves.

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Hang Items

Heavy-duty hooks aren’t just for the garage. Use hooks to hang items such as bicycles, tools and folding chairs when organizing your basement.

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cubbies toy storage

Image Credits:Ana White

Add Cubbies

Add some cubbies to store toys, books and art supplies. You can add some bins to hide items, such as remotes and cables that you may not want to see displayed. Depending on your space, you can also use the design as a media console.

Photo: Courtesy of Ana White

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FH14JAU_550_08_006 gift wrap pvc pipe storage

Image Credits:Family Handyman

PVC Storage

There are plenty of ingenious hacks for PVC pipe that you can use when organizing your basement. This DIY PVC pipe wrapping station organizer is a great way to keep wrapping paper, craft supplies and even small toys neat and tidy.

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builtinstorage colorful toy storage

Custom Built-in Storage

If you use your basement as living space, you certainly want to keep things organized and looking good. Try a custom built-in storage system for toys. Try a mix of open shelves, drawers and cabinets that will make straightening up easier.

Photo: Courtesy of CenturyHomesPH

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pegboard tool DIY craft storage


Add some pegboard to the basement wall to hang tools and cleaning supplies. This DIY pegboard storage system has a place for nearly everything.

Photo: Courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

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curtain kitty litter box

Image Credits:Courtesy of Toma Creations

Hang a Curtain

If you have storage shelves that look cluttered, try hiding everything behind a curtain. Curtains are also a great way to block off a cat’s litter box area, as shown here.

Photo: Courtesy of Toma Creations

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Old Cabinets

If you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen, put those old cabinets to work in your basement laundry area. Just hang cabinets or shelves above the washer and dryer to store laundry soap and towels. You can also use the cabinets and shelves for extra pantry items such as canned goods and items you buy in bulk.

Photo: Courtesy of SSS Custom Closets

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