Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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    I Tried the Solo Stove Chair, and It’s Now My Favorite Seat Around the Fire Pit

    Our favorite fire pit brand now makes an Adirondack chair, and we tested it to see if the Solo Stove chair lives up to our expectations.

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    How to Overwinter Finicky Tropical Plants

    That Venus fly trap isn't doomed, we promise!

    I’m an Avid Camper, and the REI Kingdom Cot Provides a Luxurious Sleep Situation

    The REI Kingdom Cot is the plushest, roomiest camp cot I've slept on. It's not a keeper for me, but...

    What Is the Lasagna Planting Method?

    Planting spring flowering bulbs in the garden in layers, a process called lasagna planting, provides a continuous spring flower display.

    How To Hang a Porch Swing

    Want to swing your afternoon away in the warm breeze? Here's how to set up your porch swing in no...

    We Tested the East Oak Fire Pit, and Its Unique Shape Really Radiates Heat

    The East Oak fire pit is a smokeless option that's made with top-notch materials. Here’s how it stacks...

    How To Dig a Post Hole Using a Power Auger

    Got some post holes to dig for a fence, foundation or mailbox? Learning how to use a power auger can...

    How to Remove Bushes and Shrub Roots

    You don't have to dig when learning how to remove bushes and shrub roots! Use a lever to make shrub...

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    Toad Lily: How To Grow This Gorgeous Fall Flower

    What grows in the shade, blooms in the fall, and comes in varieties with variegated foliage and spotted flowers? Toad...

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    Every Camper Needs to Know How To Use This Friction Hitch

    The Prusik knot is sturdy, adjustable, and incredibly easy to tie.

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    What Is Leaf Mulch and How To Make It

    If you're not creating and spreading leaf mulch, start now! It's basically free, and I couldn't care for my yard...

    Our Editor-Tested Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

    We tested the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus--here's how it really performs.

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    How To Create a Gravel Garden

    Here's how to fashion a weed- and worry-free gravel garden that's quick, easy and affordable.

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    How to Clean Grill Grates

    Read on to learn how to keep your grill grates in great shape and guarantee your food always tastes great.

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    How to Safely Remove Ticks

    There's a right way to remove a tick. (Hint: It doesn't involve any matches.)

    The Portable Alpicool Fridge Is a Road Trip’s Best Friend

    Meet the Alpicool fridge, a camping-friendly accessory that keeps almost any food or drink item at the right...

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    How to Make a Kids’ Car Wash Sprinkler

    Impress your kids with a sprinkler car wash that they can run or ride through. All it takes is an...

    CobraHead vs. Grampa’s Weeder: Which Gardening Tool Is Right for You?

    To see which is the best weeding tool, we put the long-handle CobraHead weeder and cultivator and Grampa's Weeder against...

    We Tried the New Pi Prime, Solo Stove’s Most Affordable Pizza Oven to Date

    Ready for a new pizza oven? We tested the just-launched Solo Stove Pi Prime and detail how it performs.

    Chill Out with the 14 Best Yeti Cooler Accessories

    Take your camping trips to the next level with these 14 innovative Yeti cooler accessories.

    How To Make a DIY No Waste Chicken Feeder

    A no-waste chicken feeder is a quick, easy, affordable way to keep the coop clean, save money and keep your...

    We Tried the BioLite EcoZoom Versa Stove, aka the Ideal Camping Companion

    The BioLite EcoZoom Versa turns twigs and leaves into some serious heat.

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    5 Tips for Dealing with Fall Leaves

    Fall cleanup tips to help you save time and work.

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    How to Build a Dog Fence Window

    Does your dog want to say hi to his pals in the neighborhood? Build your good boy a dog fence...

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    What Exactly Is a Bioswale?

    You've likely already seen these planted ditches on the side of the road. Here's how they work.

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    This Viral TikTok Hack Keeps Bugs Off Your Vegetables

    If you haven't tried companion planting in your garden yet, consider this your wake-up call.

    How to Make a DIY Kayak Rack

    Need a kayak storage solution? This rack costs less than one you can buy, and it's easy to build. We'll...

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    10 Tips for Gardening With Your Dog

    With our expert tips, you can make gardening time fun for you and your dogs. You'll need patience, treats and...

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    This TikTok Hack Promises to Get Rid of Wasps, But Is It Actually Safe?

    Before you go out to buy gasoline, read up on these safety guidelines.

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    6 Deck Building Tips to Help You Perfect the Details

    When you're building a deck, the details matter.