Lawn Care

Learn the best ways to mow the lawn, take care of those pesky weeds and create the backyard of your dreams with these lawn care maintenance and repair tips.

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    This is the Most Efficient Way to Mow the Grass

    You want your lawn to look good, but you don't want to spend a lot of time mowing. When it comes to lawn care, there is a right and wrong way to mow the grass.

    How to Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

    Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers.

    How to Winterize and Store Garden Hoses

    With old man winter knocking on the door, time to reel in that garden hose. Here are a few tips...

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    Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for 2020

    Here are our picks for the top zero turn lawn mowers in six categories.

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    Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

    A zero turn mower allows you to move faster and navigate impossibly tight turns. If you've got a demanding yard,...

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    Why Are There Mushrooms In My Lawn?

    Find out why there are mushrooms in your grass and how to treat them.

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    How Do I Repair Dry Grass?

    Dry grass can test the patience of any homeowner. Identifying the cause and following these simple steps can make dead...

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    What Are Fairy Rings and Why Are They in My Grass?

    Learn how to recognize and eliminate those pesky fairy rings.

    11 Tacky Lawn Ornaments That Need to Stay In Storage

    These lawn ornaments had a good run. Some of them were even funny when they first came out. Now, it's...

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    How to Save Your Grass From Summer Heat

    Summer heat can wreak havoc on your lawn. Here's how to keep your grass growing and healthy in the long...

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    Stuff We Love: Yard Maintenance

    Make some green while keeping it green with this lineup of pro yard tools from Ego.

    11-Year-Old Mowing Lawns to Raise Money for Social Justice

    Meet Jack, a young boy giving up the money from his summer job to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Deals We Love: Lawn Care

    Make your lawn care easy and enjoyable with this forward-thinking mower and classic self-propelled sprinkler.

    5 Main Benefits of a Smart Sprinkler System

    Want to help out your lawn, your wallet and the environment? Get a smart sprinkler controller.

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    15 Best Lawn Care Products for 2020

    Get your yard looking great with help from these top-rated lawn care products.

    Best Lawn Edgers You Can Buy on Amazon

    Whether you're going for a professionally-landscaped look or doing a quick clean-up before those summer graduation parties and backyard BBQs,...

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    Ergonomic Household Products That Will Save Your Back

    Use these 10 ergonomic tools to get more done in your home, garage and garden, while avoiding the painful aggravation...

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    Home Gardening: Easier Weeding and Watering

    These great tips will help you create an ideal, low-maintenance and beautiful outdoor living space.

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    5 Ways to Keep Your Neighbor’s Weeds Out of Your Yard

    Weeds can originate anywhere, but often they sprout close to home. Here are some ways to keep neighboring weeds from...

    How to Get Rid of Gasoline Smell

    To get rid of that smell, you'll need to do much more than mask it with a sweetly-scented spray.

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    3 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Yard Waste

    Enrich your lawn and garden with these economical, chemical-free greenscaping practices.

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    12 Most Common Kinds of Weeds (and How to Remove Them)

    Grab your sprayers or herbicides, or be ready to tackle by hand some of the peskiest and most persistent lawn...

    How to Build a Compost Bin

    This 'log cabin' bin will keep your compost pile from becoming an eyesore. These compost bin plans will give you...

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    Deal of the Week: Savings on Lawn Care Products

    Ace Hardware is offering super savings on lawn care products to get your grass in tip top shape this spring....

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    Sprinkler Repair: How to Unclog Sprinklers

    Remove mineral deposits from lawn sprinklers quickly and easily.

    19 Outdoor DIY Projects to Help You Find Some Fresh Air

    Get your car, lawn, home and yard in ship-shape with these outdoor DIY projects.

    Restore a Weedy & Patchy Lawn

    Work a little, water a lot — and then enjoy!

    How to Keep Grass Green and Achieve a Healthy Lawn

    How to maintain a good-looking lawn with less time and effort

    10 Ways Your Yard Is Giving Burglars Clues

    When it comes to keeping your home safe, what you have in your front lawn can be what attracts a...