Lawn Care

Learn the best ways to mow the lawn, take care of those pesky weeds and create the backyard of your dreams with these lawn care maintenance and repair tips.

I Tried the Solo Stove Chair, and It’s Now My Favorite Seat Around the Fire Pit

Our favorite fire pit brand now makes an Adirondack chair, and we tested it to see if the Solo Stove chair lives up to our expectations.

Review: I Tried the Solo Stove Patio Heater, and Here’s How It Went

The Solo Stove Patio Heater is back in stock, and we tried it to let you know how it works...

How To Hang a Hammock for Maximum Relaxation

Safely relax during your suspended siesta, without worry of damaging trees and structures.

I Tried the Handy Brush Grubber and Pulling Brush and Shrubs Has Never Been Easier

Every homeowner gets unwanted saplings and brush that magically sprout in their landscape. The Handy Brush Grubber helps...

We Tested the East Oak Fire Pit, and Its Unique Shape Really Radiates Heat

The East Oak fire pit is a smokeless option that's made with top-notch materials. Here’s how it stacks...

We Tried the Stihl BR 600 Backpack Blower, and It’s a Must-Have for Fall Cleanup

The Stihl BR 600 backpack blower is fuel efficient and durable, and it produces low exhaust emissions and...

This Zip Tie Hack Will Make Trimming Ornamental Grasses a Breeze

Gather, cut and dispose of excess grass in seconds!

Time to Remove Leaves? Ditch Your Rake for a Cardboard Box

This hack is quick, cheap and effective, but could lead to some painful consequences.

I Tried the All-New Solo Stove Torch, and It Was Better Than I Expected

The new Solo Stove Mesa Torch is the torchlight dreams are made of—and it’s perfect for Autumn evening...

How Can You Mulch Leaves Without a Lawn Mower?

With these clever options, you no longer need to rely on a lawn mower to mulch the fallen leaves in...

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What Is the Most Sustainable Type of Groundcover?

Even though traditional turf grass lawns are still the go-to choice, homeowners are now shifting to more sustainable groundcover options.

This 3-in-1 Fire Pit Tool Is the Perfect Companion to Your Solo Stove

This fire pit multitool is the perfect way to safely manage your backyard fire pit.

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What Is Leaf Mulch and How To Make It

If you're not creating and spreading leaf mulch, start now! It's basically free, and I couldn't care for my yard...

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10 Types of Rakes and Their Uses

Roof rakes, leaf rakes, pond rakes and more. Here's our expert guide to knowing which ones you need and what...

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How Much Does Leaf Removal Cost in 2023?

Find out how much DIY vs pro leaf removal costs, alternative methods and pricing models in this expert guide.

We Tried the Craftsman Electric Lawn Mower, a Riding Mower for Tight Spaces

Ready to take the plunge and go battery-powered? We tested the Craftsman electric lawn mower–here’s what we thought.

When Should I Mow New Sod?

New sod needs time to get established before you mow it. One or two weeks is typical, but the sod...

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Learn to Diagnose and Treat These 8 Lawn Diseases

Like people, lawns get sick. It can be minor, like a cold, or more serious. Learn how to identify these...

This Indestructible, Pet-friendly Rubber Landscape Edging Is a DIYer’s Dream

When it’s time to elevate your garden and lawn, get instant impact with long-lasting results, thanks to EcoBorder...

Should You Get a Backyard Bathtub?

The soothing home design trend is popping up in backyards across the country—but is it right for yours?

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5 Tips for Dealing with Fall Leaves

Fall cleanup tips to help you save time and work.

It’s So Hot That Mulch Is Catching On Fire

Add this landscaping staple to your list of spontaneous combustibles.

I Tried the Solo Stove Mesa—And it’s Perfect for Mess-Free Summer S’mores

A miniature fire pit packs all the fun of a standard-size fire pit but doesn’t involve mess or...

How Can I Fertilize My Lawn Without Chemicals?

Did you know there are similarities between the food we eat and the lawn fertilizer we use? Learn about healthier,...

Husqvarna Automower: Is a Robotic Lawn Mower the Future of Lawncare?

The Husqvarna Automower is a robotic lawn mower with GPS-assisted navigation, and our senior editor got up close...

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Splurge on Summer Fun—This 24-Foot Pool Is on Deep Discount

Cool off with this hot deal—the Bestway Power Steel pool is $600 off!

This Restaurant-Grade Pizza Oven Cooks Neapolitan Pies in 60 Seconds (and It’s 20% Off)

No more paying for delivery fees on sub-par pizza—snag the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven on sale. This 44-pound oven reaches...

This Highly Rated At-Home Sauna Is 50% Off

Turn any bathroom or porch into a spa with the easy-to-install Almost Heaven sauna—it's on sale!

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When Should You Let Your Child Mow the Lawn?

Many factors come into play when making this decision. As with any right of passage, the child's safety is the...

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How to Choose the Right Lawn Fertilizer

There are so many choices that "analysis by paralysis" can take over. Let's make it easier.

5 Best Amazon Wheelbarrows for Your Yard and Garden Needs

Get those yard work and landscaping projects done quickly and safely with a high-quality Amazon wheelbarrow.