Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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How to Remove Flaking Deck Stain

Make your deck look like new!

How to Paint and Restore a Deck

Tips for your deck restore project: Protect the wood with special coatings made specifically for restoring your deck.

How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp: Wooden Ramp Project

These wheelchair ramp plans will help you to build and install a handicap ramp that's safe and efficient.

Making Deck Posts

Make square cuts, notches and grooves quickly and accurately

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7 Deck Building Tips from the Pros

Techniques for deck building, framing a deck, building stairs and railings and adding deck trim.

How to Refinish a Deck with Acrylic-Based Deck Stain

Refinishing your wood deck with a semi-transparent acrylic-based stain is a great way to protect it from water, snow and...

No-Maintenance Deck Rails

Keep your deck looking new for years without any maintenance

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15 Awesome Plans for DIY Patio Furniture

Upgrade your patio with DIY furniture. It may seem daunting to try to build your own furniture but we'll show...

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10 Awesome DIY Cabin Projects

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you have to give up your home improvements! Here are 10 DIY...

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How to Install Hidden Deck Fasteners

Create a deck with hidden fasteners instead of face-nailing it, and you'll get a smooth, clean finish.

Replacing Deck Boards

Don't build a new deck if all you have to do is replace a few deck boards

How to Choose Deck Hardware

Base your joist hanger choice on local conditions

Deck Railing Repair

Add joist blocking to firm up that shaky railing

Easy Deck Inspection and Deck Repair Tips

7 minutes, 7-point inspection and 7 easy repairs

How to Shade your Deck

A simple shelter for you and your deck—and your burgers!

Build a Victorian Screen House

Escape the bugs in style, whether you're entertaining friends or just hanging out

Build a Circular Patio and Retaining Wall

Hilly, small or ho-hum yard? Modular pavers and blocks let you carve out a unique retreat darn near anywhere!

How to Build Patio Planters

Give your potted plants a simple, stylish home—outdoors or in.

How to Build an Umbrella Table

This woodworking project will give you an umbrella table that is solid, stable...

Repairing Decks and Railings

Expert fixes for common problems

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How To Plan and Build a Deck

Family Handyman editor Mike Berner walks you through the process of building a deck from concept to finishing touches.

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10 Tips on How To Protect Outdoor Furniture

Learn how to protect your outdoor furniture so you can enjoy it for multiple seasons. We talked to the experts...