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Keep pests out of your home with DIY tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

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    Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Strategies and Techniques

    When it comes to pests, keeping them out of the house can make for a safe and comforting home. Take manners into your own hands with these do it yourself pest control techniques.

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    Best Ways to Get Rid of Rodents in Your House

    Rodents are a part of nature that most people do not want in their home. Here are proven ways to...

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    How to Keep Mice and Other Pests Out of Your Home

    How to keep out mice, squirrels, bats and other unwanted animals.

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    A Surprising Hack to Keep Mice Away For Good

    Mousetraps aren't the only tactic for keeping mice away. This simple, natural remedy will help keep those furry little creatures...

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    8 Pet-Safe Pest Control Products

    When you choose products to rid your yard and home of pests, keep the health of your family and pets...

    How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard and House

    Learn how to keep snakes away from your yard and home, and what to do if one slithers in anyway.

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    Here’s Why You Should Never Kill a House Centipede

    Before you squish that creepy centipede, find out why it actually might be a useful house guest!

    Never Get Stung Again! 6 Tips to Avoid Insect Bites and Stings

    ‘Tis the season of barbecues and bare feet. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of bug bites and bee stings. Be...

    7 Tick Repellents That Work (Plus 2 That Might Not)

    Ticks are most active during warmer months and can carry debilitating diseases, so it's important to protect yourself before you...

    Here Is How to Remove a Tick (And What Not to Do)

    Ticks are disgusting little blood suckers. When they bite you, they can make you sick. Here's how to avoid being...

    10 Naturally Derived Tick Repellents That Actually Work

    If you're worried that certain insecticides may be harmful to your health, your pets, or nature, read on for natural...

    Here’s How to Keep Ticks Out of Your Home

    One expert predicts widespread tick activity this summer. Follow these tips to keep ticks out of your home.

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    Common Myths About Personal Insect Repellents

    Don't fall for these misconceptions about personal insect repellents.

    How to Avoid Deer Ticks

    Annually, at least 30,000 Americans get Lyme disease from deer tick bites. This is how to avoid ticks and minimize...

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    What is the Deadly Kissing Bug?

    Getting bit by anything is a shock. Sometimes it leads to an itchy bump, and other times it leads to...

    How to Get Rid of the 10 Worst Garden Insects

    As if weeds and weird weather weren't bad enough, gardeners also have to face insect pests. Here's a look at...

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    Expert Tips for Keeping Mosquitos Away This Summer

    Summers are already long and hot, but they don't have to be itchy.

    10 Mosquito Repellents That Are Worth Your Money (and 2 That Aren’t)

    Whether you're barbecuing, sunbathing or hiking, these expert-recommended mosquito repellents will keep you from becoming a pesky bug's big lunch.

    12 Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

    Let's be honest: There's no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. But you can at least take steps to...

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    Do Mosquito Bracelets, Clip-Ons and Patches Actually Work?

    Consumers looking to avoid DEET-based repellents constantly search for alternative products. But the effectiveness of some of these products is...

    Unbelievable Hacks for Keeping Mosquitoes Away For Good

    Mosquitoes certainly know how to ruin a pleasant summer evening. Avoid them this summer by using one of these unique...

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    How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

    For all of the beauty and relaxation summer brings, it's also a season filled with pesky mosquitoes. Buggers got you...

    16 Ways to Win the War Against Mosquitoes

    Take back your summer nights and family get-togethers!

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    How to Make Homemade Mosquito Repellent

    Homemade, affordable mosquito repellent that will keep the bugs at bay and your bank account happy.

    7 Myths About Mosquito Control You Need to Stop Believing

    Contrary to popular opinion, these often-tried remedies won’t ward off mosquitoes.