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DIY Coat Hooks from Old Tools and Hardware

Updated: Feb. 14, 2023

Get ideas for DIY hardware to make your hooks distinctive.

FH12MAY_HANGUP_01-3Family Handyman

For a great home improvement décor, adapt common DIY hardware items for clever hooks and racks for your walls. Amaze your neighbors and friends with your creativity. We show you ten spur-or-the-moment inspirations.

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Hammers make great hooks

Hammer coat rack

Mount hammerheads with a screw from the backside of the mounting board.

I was shopping for unique hooks for our rustic cabin, and I was flabbergasted at the cost of the most interesting ones. Searching for cheaper alternatives, I cruised online and unearthed a heap of creative ideas. Then I rooted around in the old junk box and voilà—distinctive hooks with a real DIY feel. If you’re looking for a coat rack that expresses your DIY life, start digging and get creative! Here’s a gallery of new ideas to spark your imagination.

-Marcia Roepke, Art Director

Hitch pins

Hitch pin rack

Drill holes in a mounting board and drive the pins in.

The hitch pins for light-weight towing bars make a lighter weight rack.

Antique doorknobs

Doorknob hooks

Doorknobs are nice hooks for towels and clothing. If possible, mount them on old style spindles.

Look for a variety of old doorknobs at antique stores and reuse stores.

Mason’s trowels

Mason’s trowel hooks

Mason’s trowels make heavy-duty hooks when screwed to a solid mounting board or wall.

An expanded wire lath background complements the décor of various styles of Mason’s trowels.

Valves and pipes

Valve and pipe towel rack

Make this rack fit anywhere by choosing various pipe lengths.

If you like a more commercial décor, visit the plumbing department for pipes and valves.


C-clamp hooks

Glue the clamps into a groove cut in a cleat or mounting board. Use epoxy for a strong bond.

Change the hook size by screwing them open or closed.

Screws and blots

Screw and bolt rack

Drill pilot holes and drive lag screws and carriage bolts into a mounting board.

Mix and match large lag screws and/or carriage bolts.

Faucet handles

Faucet handle hooks

Drill holes through a backer and attach the handles with their mounting nuts.

Faucet handles work well in bathrooms for hanging clothes and towels.


Cleat hooks

Screw cleats to any solid backing.

Cleats are small and inconspicuous and can be mounted almost anywhere on a solid surface.

Hand screw clamps

Hand screw clamp rack

Drill angled holes in a wide mounting board for the screw rods. Secure the clamps with screws driven from the backside of the board.

Hand screw clamps help create a woodworker décor and make strong racks.

Required Tools for this Project

Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drill bit set
  • Drill/driver - cordless
  • Hammer