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DIY Kitchen Project: Off-the-Counter Produce Storage

Updated: Jul. 07, 2021

This wall-mounted produce storage project also serves as a reminder to your family to eat fresh, healthy meals and snacks.

produce storage projectFamily Handyman
Declutter your countertop and pantry with this easy-to-make produce storage project. And show off your colorful fruits and veggies!

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Made with two pieces of wood, some hooks and baskets, this project is a breeze to build. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to customize the design to suit your needs and style. Here’s how to do it:

Tools & Materials

  • 2×4-ft. sheet of 1/2-in. plywood
  • Wire baskets (3)
  • Screw hooks (6)
  • Three wood stains (light, dark and gray)
  • Angle grinder with knot cup wheel
  • Hammer

Cut Plywood to Size

lay out baskets produce storage

Lay out your baskets on the plywood to determine the size of board that looks good. The baskets shown here are about 12 in. wide x 8 in. tall x 7 in. deep. I decided to trim the plywood to 20 x 39 in. for a pleasing basket-to-board ratio.

Weather the Board

weather wood produce storage

I used the barn-door-style distressing technique recently featured in The Family Handyman magazine as a guide to give the board a weathered look. Here’s how to do it: First, use an angle grinder with a knot cup wheel to create texture. Add random welts and wormholes with a hammer and awl. Then apply a light stain, removing the excess with a rag; apply streaks of a dark stain, removing the excess with a rag; and, finally, apply a gray stain unevenly, removing the excess with a rag. Allow the board to dry completely.

Add Hooks for Baskets

install hooks produce storage

Lay out the baskets on the finished plywood board and mark the placement of each hook. Be sure to check the measurements from the sides, top and bottom of the board to make sure you get the baskets centered. Then screw in the hooks.

Mount the Board to a Wall

Since this piece will be holding heavy fruits and vegetables, be sure to use a DIY or store-bought cleat to mount it to the wall. Then hang the baskets on the hooks and fill them with your fresh produce.