1 Minute Fix for Oven Door That Doesn’t Close All the Way

Our appliance repair expert shares one of his favorite fixes. It's quick, easy and requires no tools!

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In more than 30 years of appliance repair, I've never seen a repair that is as quick and easy as this one. I've had hundreds of viewers to my video on this repair write to me saying: "It seemed like magic, and took less than one minute!

An oven door that won't stay closed wastes energy and can damage the stove when the oven heats up. And, when the door isn't completely closed, it's hard for the oven to get up to the right temperature.

To fix the problem, you have to reset the oven door springs. About four years into the life of the oven, the springs lose some of their ability to pull the oven door shut.

You'll be surprised how easy this problem is to fix.

Tools Required

  • Wash cloths

oven wont close all the wayScott Flint for Family Handyman

tools to fix the ovenScott Flint for Family Handyman

Project step-by-step (6)

Step 1

Place a folded wash cloth on top of the right and left hinges

  • Fold two wash cloths in half and then in half again;
  • Place one folded wash cloth on the right door hinge and the other on the left door hinges.

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place cloths on both hinges


Step 2

Close the oven door against the two wash cloths

  • With the wash cloths on the door hinges, close the door against the wash cloths.

close door against cloths

Step 3

Push the oven door closed

  • Push the oven door closed against the wash cloths using one hand to limit the inward force;
  • Use three progressive inward pushes. With each push, go slightly further toward the oven;
  • The oven door won't close all the way but should come within 1/4 inch from the oven during this step.Click here to see how it's done.

push oven door closed


Step 4

Open the door and remove the two wash cloths

  • Pull the oven door open and remove the two wash cloths.

place cloth on oven hinge

Step 5

Close the door all the way

  • Fully close the door. It should close all the way and stay closed on its own.

close oven door all the way

Step 6

Repeat the oven hinge spring reset

  • If the door doesn't quite close all the way, repeat the entire procedure with more inward force when closing the oven door against the wash cloths.

redo oven hinge