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How to Hang Glass Shelves for Bathroom Storage

Updated: Jul. 23, 2019

Most bathrooms have one space you can count on for additional storage, and that’s over the toilet. Open glass shelves are a great place to display decorative bathroom bottles or knickknacks.

FH03FEB_02861_044_120 glass shelves bathroom guy in showerFamily Handyman
There are zillions of glass shelving systems on the market. Follow the directions that come with the system for the installation details, but read on for help anchoring them to the wall, because you probably won’t have studs exactly where you need them. Here, masking tape is used to avoid marking the walls.

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An hour or less

Hanging Glass Shelves: Getting Started

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Open glass shelves are a great place to not only display decorative bathroom bottles and knickknacks, but it’s also a convenient spot to store easily accessible and frequently used toiletries.

For this project, use self-drilling metal wall anchors to support the brackets. The anchors are easy to install and you don’t have to worry about finding a stud—the anchors attach to the drywall. And you can remove the shelves and brackets to paint the wall, and the anchors will stay in place, ready for reuse.

Hanging Glass Shelves Project Directions:

1. Mark Bracket Locations

FH03FEB_02861_025_102 glass shelves bracket locationsFamily Handyman

Apply a strip of 2-in. wide masking tape above the center of the toilet and on both sides where the shelf brackets will be mounted. Next, draw a center line with a level and mark the heights of the shelves on the center tape. Then, transfer the heights to the bracket tape with a 2-ft. level. Finally, measure from the center line to mark the exact left and right locations for the brackets.

2. Make Indents at the Marks

FH03FEB_02861_026 intent drywall to mark anchor pointsFamily Handyman

Indent the drywall at the marks with a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the tape.

3. Insert anchors in the wall

FH03FEB_02861_027_115 insert drywall anchorsFamily Handyman

Drive hollow wall anchors through the drywall. And we used 90 lb. rated wall anchors to insure our glass shelves could hold some weight.

4. Install the Brackets

FH03FEB_02861_028 install shelving bracketsFamily Handyman

Next, screw the brackets to the wall using the screws included with the anchors.

5. Install the shelves

FH03FEB_02861_029_135 install glass shelvesFamily Handyman

Finally, center the glass shelves between the brackets, and then press them firmly into place.

6. Installed shelves

FH03FEB_02861_044_120 glass shelves bathroom guy in showerFamily Handyman

Use the shelves for storage or display. And for more bathroom storage ideas click here.