How to Build an Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Relax after a long day in this cedar lounge chair.

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Everyone needs a spot to rest after a long day and, for most, that spot is their porch or deck. This cedar chaise is perfect for putting your feet up. Pocket hole construction makes it super easy to build. We built this chaise lounge using 7/8 in.-thick cedar. This cedar outdoor lounge chair doesn’t fold up for storage, so if you need to store it for the winter, make these two changes: Omit the glue in the joint between the back (C) and the seat rails (B), and mount the braces (E) with 1/2-in. nuts, bolts and washers.

Tools Required

  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Miter saw
  • Pocket hole jig

Pocket hole jigs are a DIYer’s best friend when it comes to simple joinery. We used the Kreg K4 jig, but any pocket hole system will work.

Cutting List

outdoor chaise lounge cutting listFamily Handyman

Project Plans

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Tech ArtFamily Handyman

Project step-by-step (6)

Step 1

Cut parts to length

outdoor chaise lounge cut parts to lengthFamily Handyman

Cut the leg rails (A), seat rails (B) and back rails (C) on the miter saw based on the dimensions in the Cutting List. Our cedar boards had a sanded face and a rough face. To ensure the rough faces are hidden in your project, gang up the boards so that the rough sides face each other when you cut them. Set a stop on your miter saw at 23-3/4 in. and cut the slats (D).

Step 2

Drill pocket holes

outdoor chaise lounge drill pocket holesFamily Handyman

Drill three pocket holes into both ends of the seat rails (B) and slats (D).

Step 3

Build the side assemblies

outdoor chaise lounge side assembliesFamily Handyman

Clamp a board to your workbench to ensure the side assemblies will line up and lie correctly against the ground once the lounger is assembled. Measure 13 in. from the long edge of the back rails (C). Glue the ends of the seat rails (B). Align the 25-degree angle on the seat rail with the mark on the back rail. Match the 10-degree angles of the seat rail and leg rail (A). Fasten the assembly with 1-1/2-in. exterior pocket hole screws.

Step 4

Attach the slats to one side assembly

outdoor chaise lounge attach the slats to side assemblyFamily Handyman

Lay one side assembly so the rough side is facing upward. Glue one end of each slat and screw them to the side assembly. Continue working down the side assembly, fastening all the slats. Space the slats 1/4 in. apart, using a scrap of 1/4-in. plywood as a spacer. Clamp a board to the top edge of the side assembly as an alignment stop to avoid the slats moving while screwing.

Step 5

Attach the other side assembly

outdoor chaise lounge add the other side assemblyFamily Handyman

Glue the ends of the slats and clamp the second side assembly into place. Fasten the outermost slats and then work inward, placing the 1/4-in. spacer between slats.

Step 6

Add braces

outdoor chaise lounge add bracesFamily Handyman

Cut the braces (E) to length. Glue and clamp the braces over the joints on the interior face of the side assemblies. Drill pilot holes and then fasten the braces with 1-1/4-in. exterior wood screws. Check out 40 more of our favorite outdoor woodworking projects you can build yourself.