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15 Kids Closet Organization Ideas and Products to Help!

Updated: Jan. 18, 2019

When you're a parent, time is at a premium. Spending a little bit of money up front to keep your kid's closet organized will pay dividends in time (and stress) saved. Check out these brilliant ideas for kids closet storage.

Kids Closet Organization Ideas and Products
Keeping a child's closet organized can be a nightmare and a never-ending struggle. Try these product suggestions to help incorporate your child in the organizational process, and make keeping their closet tidy actually fun!

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Plan Ahead

Kids Clothes Organizer: Clothes for Each Day

Do all the work Sunday and plan a week’s outfits in advance with a days of the week clothes organizer. Have your child help pick out which outfit to wear on which day and put them in this Monday-Friday kids clothes organizer.

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No-Closet Organizer

Kids Clothes Organizer: Behind the Door Planner

No closet space to plan a week’s outfits? Try an over-the-door organizer like the Days-Of-The-Week Hanging Organizer.

Closet Rod Divider Tags

Divide by Size

Does your kid keep growing or do multiple children share a closet? Separate hanging clothing by size just like they do in the stores with closet rod dividers that you can label.

Let Your Kid do the Labeling

Decorate Foam Door Hangers for a Days of the Week Closet Organizer Idea

Let your child decorate foam door hangers with days of the week or clothing categories and then slip over a hanger to designate a daily outfit, or slide onto a closet rod to sort hanging clothes.

Embrace Colorful Hangers

Sort Clothing by Hanger Color

Buy different colored hangers to sort clothing by child in shared closets, by season, or activity (school, play, church, etc.). Keep a reminder for children handy on the closet wall by printing the category name on a coordinating color sheet of paper so they know which hangers to choose from. This Bagis children’s hanger set from Ikea is a good starting place.

Check the Pockets

Keep Accessories Close By

Slip an accessory pocket over the hanger of an outfit to match socks, underwear, barrettes, hats and more ahead of time. You can purchase accessory pockets at OneStepAhead.

Use the Buddy System

Keep Socks Clipped Together

Keep pairs of socks with their mate, pajama sets or matched outfits together by using a small sock clip after laundry. This will help pairs stick together, even if they’re discarded on the ground.

Double Down on Hanging Clothes

Twice the Hanging Space

Double your hanging space with a Doublet adjustable closet rod. Try hanging special occasion clothes high, and casual, play clothes on the lower rod where children can easily reach.

Label Your Drawers

No Reading Required

Teach children to put clothes away in the correct drawer by visually labeling each drawer’s contents with clothes-shaped vinyl stickers – no reading required.

Don’t Sweat Folding the Hard Stuff

Keep Tough-to-Fold Items in Plastic Crates

Hang small plastic crates with cup hooks on the underside of a closet shelving board to store items that have a hard time staying folded like socks, underwear, swimsuits, and hats.

Keep Rarely-Used Clothes Up High

Use Fabric Bins in High Places

Store lesser-worn clothing like seasonal clothing, or too-big or too-small items in fabric bins, like this stripes around the cube bin from The Land of Nod, on a high shelf where adults can easily reach them when the time comes.

A High Places Helper

Keep a Step Stool Handy: A Must for Kids Closet Storage

Keep a small step stool in the closet so children can easily reach clothes without yanking down from hangers or folded piles. They can also use this stool to learn how to put clean clothes away.

Let Superheroes Help

Get Accessories Featuring Favorite Characters

Catch your child’s attention and keep their interest by organizing with their beloved characters, like this Superman hanging organizer for example. This approach might keep your child engaged and less likely to make a mess. Superman always hangs up his cape, right?

Keep Dirty Clothes in a Hamper

Feed the Beast

Make dirty laundry fun by choosing a silly or engaging hamper, and encourage the habit of feeding dirty clothes to the hungry hamper monster on this canvas storage hamper.