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Recipes for Perfect Flower Containers

Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Surefire combinations with great curb appeal

can't miss hanging flower basket
Make planting easy. Plant large flower containers at their growing location to eliminate excess lifting. A picnic table, bench or other elevated surface make container planting easier on your back.

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Flower Containers Planting Tips

Start fresh. Use fresh soil mix in new or clean containers. If you’re using old pots, treat the insides with a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water and rinse. You’ll want to test this solution first to make sure it doesn’t damage the container.

Container mix can be expensive. So with larger pots, fill the bottom third with styrofoam packing peanuts, crushed soda cans or other lightweight material that helps fill space but allows the water to drain. Then cover these fillers with weed-barrier fabric to prevent soil from settling between the filler.

It is easier to arrange and move plants around in a large container garden while they’re still in smaller pots. When you’re set, slide the plants out of their pots. Place in the soil so the top of their root ball will be about an inch below the lip of the container, then fill with soil. For more flower inspiration check out these pretty hanging planter ideas.

Overflowing Window Box

flower containers window box

Why it works: Brimming with soft color and texture, this window box creates a colorful accent, even when not surrounded by a window. The purple-blue browallia echo the purple centers of the unique daisy- like osteospermum. The complementary yellow coleus and green foliage of the bacopa tie it all together.

Planter size: 36-in.- long by 10-in.-wide window box. 

Growing conditions: Full sun.

overflowing flower window box

Shopping List:

3 Purple-blue browallia

5 Golden bedder coleus

2 Osteospermum

3 Bacopa

Can’t-Miss Hanging Basket

can't miss hanging flower basket

Why it works: This lush hanging basket is designed to add a colorful punch to high areas. Its bold splashes of color add brilliance anywhere it’s hung.

Planter size: 24-in.-dia. basket.

Growing conditions: Full sun.

hanging flower basket

Shopping List: 

3 Wave petunias

2 Sweet potato vine

2 Lemon gem marigold

3 Ivy geranium

2 Verbena

Traditional and Trendy Standing Container

standing flower container animation

Why it works: This raised container relies on traditional favorites like impatiens, spike and asparagus fern, yet gets an updated look from the silvery foliage of licorice vine. It’s a great combination for partial shade. The same combination and planting plan can be used for a hanging basket.

Planter Size: 16-in.-dia. container.

Growing conditions: Partial shade.

standing flower container

Shopping List:

4 Imatiens

1 Spike

2 Licorice Vine

2 Asparagus Fern

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