Saturday Morning Workshop: Portable Laptop Computer Stand

Make this ingenious, compact laptop stand in an hour with only a jigsaw, a drill, sandpaper and $10 in materials.

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Laptop computers are unmatched for portability, but they're lacking in ergonomics. A good laptop stand helps, but they can be pricey and cumbersome, which detracts from portability. Instead, you can make your own stand that collapses down to a very portable size— and for a fraction of the cost!

Tools Required

  • 1/2-in. spade bit
  • Dill/Driver
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw
  • Printer
  • Punch

Materials Required

  • 1/2-in. dowel
  • 1/2-in. plywood


Click the link below to download and print the template for creating the laptop stand supports.

Laptop Stand Template

Cutting List

Computer Stand Cutting List

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Project step-by-step (3)

Step 1

Cut out the supports

Laptop Computer Stand Template

Cover the work area of the plywood with masking tape. Cut out the printed template and tape it to the plywood. Trace around the template and mark the dowel hole’s location with a center punch. Clamp the board to the workbench and cut out the supports with your jigsaw. A 1/8-in. blade makes it easy to cut the tight radiuses. Repeat this step to make the second support. Cut the 1/2-in. dowel to length.

Step 2

Sand to size

Laptop Computer Stand Sand to Size

Remove the masking tape and clamp the supports together on your workbench or in your vice. Starting with 60-grit sandpaper, sand out all of the saw marks. Sanding with the parts clamped together ensures that they’ll be identical. Work your way up to 180 or 220-grit. Wrap sandpaper around a piece of leftover dowel to get into the tight radiuses.

Step 3

Drill holes

Laptop Computer Stand Drill Holes

Clamp the supports—with a sacrificial board underneath—to your workbench. Drill a hole through both supports with a 1/2-in. spade bit. Apply a finish of your choice.

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