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Stone-Top Patio Table

Updated: Jun. 03, 2022

Tile makes an instant tabletop that’s easy, inexpensive and durable. This stone top patio table project is simple enough for a beginner to build and costs less than $30!

tile patio tableFamily Handyman
Tile stores carry a wide selection of beautiful stone tile. And that’s the inspiration for this stone top patio table. We chose a slate tile ($7), but you’ll also find granite, limestone and marble tiles costing anywhere from $5 to $20 each. You could also use manufactured tile, though the edges may not match the face of the tile.

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Stone Top Patio Table Project Directions:

  1. Cut the parts

    To cut identical parts without measuring each one, screw a stop block to a 1×4 base (See the cut list measurements for this project in the photo under “Construction Drawings“). Position the base and clamp it in place. Miter the top supports at 45-1/2 degrees. That way, they’ll join tightly at the visible outside corners. Sand the parts before assembly.

  2. Screw and Glue the Shelf Supports to the Legstile patio table

    The shelf supports and legs must meet at 90 degrees. You can position them with a square, but if you’re building more than one table, you can speed up the job by making an assembly jig. This jig is made from 1x4s screwed to plywood.

  3. Add the Tops Supportstile patio table

    Screw the top supports to the legs. Be sure to countersink the screw heads so the tile top will rest directly on the supports.

  4. Install the Slatstile patio table

    Drill pilot holes, then fasten the slats using glue and nails or trim-head screws. Position the slats using 1/2-inch spacers.

  5. Glue on the Toptile patio table

    Center the table on the underside of the tile and trace its location. Then apply construction adhesive and set the top in place. Set weight on the slats if needed. We finished our table with two coats of spar urethane.

  6. The Finished Producttile patio tableFamily Handyman

    Enjoy your new patio tile table!

Construction Drawings for this stone top patio table project:

Family Handyman

Stone Top Patio Table Materials List:

• 6′ of 2×2 oak
• 14′ of 1×2 oak

• 1 lb. 1-1/2″ galvanized finish nails
• Eight 1-5/8″ galvanized screws
• Exterior wood glue
• Construction adhesive
• 120-grit sandpaper
• Tile of your choice

What This Stone Top Patio Table Project Takes:

• Time: 3 hours
• Cost: $50
• Skill Level: Beginnger
• Tools: Basic hand tools, drill, miter saw, caulk gun

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