Electricity is not something to mess with unprepared. Stay safe by getting educated on all things electrical.

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    How to Fix and Replace Christmas Lights

    Burned-out holiday lights, even the cheap kind, are often fixable with a small investment of time and money. Here's how to diagnose and fix common problems.

    Electrical Questions Answered By An Electrical Inspector

    Everything you wanted to know about breaker panels and more. A veteran electrical inspector answers your questions.

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    9 Things Electricians ALWAYS Do In Their Own Homes

    Before you attempt any DIY electrical work, learn the habits and best practices that are second nature to professional electricians.

    How to Install Low-Profile LED Lights in Your Kitchen

    Transform your kitchen into a place you’ll love to be with this innovative lighting project.

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    Severe Weather Guide: Emergency Power Generators

    It just takes one downed power pole to interrupt the fragile chain of electricity connecting your house to the power...

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    13 Things Your Electrician Wants You to Know

    Almost every home uses electric service to one degree or another. And sooner or later, something is going to go...

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    Which is the Correct (and Incorrect) Way to Install an Electrical Outlet?

    One of the first things people get confused about when trying to install an electrical outlet is which way is...

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    7 Things Professional Electricians Never Do in Their Own Homes

    Getting ready to embark on some DIY electrical work? Think safety first and dodge these common mishaps pro electricians know...

    Installing a Single-Pole Smart Light Switch

    Make your regular light switch smart in five easy steps!

    3 Best Ways to Protect Your Devices During Severe Weather

    Don't let a nearby lightning strike destroy all of the high-tech gear in your home.

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    An Expert’s Guide to Buying and Installing LED Lights

    LED lighting can add a cool, modern aesthetic to any entertainment space. Here's everything you need to know to buy...

    6 Best RV Solar Panels and Kits

    Silent and fume-free electric power for your RV is what solar panel kits deliver. Check out these six top models...

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    7 Savvy Answers to Common Questions About Smart Light Switches

    This overview will help you decide which smart light switches will work best with your smart home setup.

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    6 Electrical Outlets That Maximize Safety and Convenience

    These six specialized electrical outlets can improve your home life.

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    Space Heater Safety Tips

    Space heaters can boost home warmth, but they can cause fires if you aren't careful. Here are 10 space heater...

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    Should You Do Your Own Electrical Work?

    Handy homeowners do electrical work all the time. With the right tools and knowledge, you can increase your skills safely...

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    8 Most Common Electric Mistakes Found in Home Inspections

    Any number of problems can be found in a home inspection, but these electrical issues should not be overlooked.

    How to Safely Dispose of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

    Safely dispose of CFL bulbs through retail stores and collection sites and safely clean up any broken bulbs.

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Plug Space Heaters Into Power Strips

    Before you plug one in, know this: Heating is the second leading cause of house fires (behind cooking), according to...

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    10 Silent Signs Your House Has a Major Electrical Problem

    These warning signs aren't loud, but they are serious. Here are quiet clues that your home may have a major...

    10 Ways to Add Lighting Without Wires or Cords

    Let there be light! These simple ideas for lighting without wires will help you brighten up your space; no plugs,...

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    9 Things You Should Never Do With Power Strips

    Are you guilty of any of these power strip mistakes?

    11 Deadly Myths About Electricity That Need to Be Cleared Up

    We use electricity every single day—here's what you should know to stay safe.

    13 ‘Cutting Edge’ Table Saw Tips

    Straight from top pro woodworkers—ultra-clever tips for getting the most from your table saw.

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    15 Things You Should Know Before Doing DIY Electrical Work

    Don't do any DIY electrical work if you're not fully educated on the subject. Here is some essential knowledge and...

    5 Electrical Projects DIYers Should Not Take On

    We know our readers love to DIY, but when it comes to electrical work there are some projects better left...

    Preventing Electrical Overloads

    Circuit breakers, overloads and your electrical system.

    Power a Laptop or TV With a Car Power Inverter

    A power inverter for car allows you to run low power AC electrical devices like computers, video cams and even...

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    Top 10 Electrical Mistakes

    Wiring problems and mistakes are all too common, and if left uncorrected have the potential to cause short circuits, shocks...

    Upgrade a Recessed Light Fixture

    Simply change the trim to change the style