Master these techniques and you’ll be transforming your lawn and upping your home’s curb appeal in no time.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Weed-Free Landscape

Don't let your landscape get overtaken by weeds this season! We've got solutions for banishing even the most troublesome invaders,...

Build This Soothing Fountain in an Afternoon

Inexpensive. simple to build and a great place for the neighborhood birds to freshen up!

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The Best Features in Lawn Tractors

We talked to experts at the four largest lawn tractor manufacturers to get their take on which features are most...

Pint-Sized Water Gardens

Mini ponds perfect for patios or decks.

Build a Spring in Your Backyard

Learn how to build this small backyard spring that will spark a sense of wonder.

Zero Turn Radius Mowers

Here's the info you need to know about zero turn radius mowers.

The Best Features to Look for When Buying a Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors come in a wide price range. Even the lowest-priced models can cut your mowing time in half compared...

Before You Buy a Lawn Tractor: 6 Questions to Answer

Here’s the info you need to choose the best lawn tractor model for your yard and budget.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planting a Tree

Reap rewards from your investment of time and money by planting a tree correctly. Avoid these costly mistakes—all of which...

Lawn and Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Yard maintenance: Our experts weigh in with their best tips ever about how to get a healthy and beautiful lawn...

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10 Lawn Care Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

When to fertilize, when to water, how short to cut the grass. You've surely heard one or more of these...

16 Hand-Selected Reader Projects from The Family Handyman

Ranging in size, difficulty and design, these 16 reader projects are as unique as the DIYers who built them.

Reader Project: Backyard Stone Fireplace

It may look like the work of a veteran mason, but this backyard stone fireplace is John Golock’s first big masonry...

Reader Project: Backyard Putting Green

Reader Shane Graham built this backyard putting green in just one weekend. He leveled the ground first, creating a surface...

Reader Project: Fabulous Fire Table

Making minor size adjustments to better fit his outdoor space, reader Ed Merkle built this stylish project using The Family

How to use Big Pavers for a Small Patio

We used large salvaged pavers to improve the usability of this small brick oven patio.

9 Fun Fall Outdoor Container Ideas

When summer fades and cooler temperatures prevail, it's time to jazz up your outdoor living space with fresh fall decor....

Ornamental Grasses You Should Get to Know

Ornamental grass is beautiful, boisterous and bountiful. They're also easy to grow and pretty much deer- and drought-tolerant. Here are...

15 Perfect Projects to get Your Home Ready for Fall

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, it can be tempting to snuggle inside. But don't give...

Colorful Shade Tolerant Plants

A shade garden isn't doomed to dreary, colorless choices. Today's shade tolerant plants are more colorful than ever.

Removing a Small Hill is a Not-So-Small Project

When we moved into our recently remodeled rambler a little more than two years ago I thought, “No more projects!”

Riding Lawnmower Round-Up

There are more choices than ever when it comes to riding mowers: rear engine, front engine, zero turn, even electric....

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How to Make Concrete House Numbers

Welcome visitors (and help out pizza delivery people) by creating these cool concrete house numbers for your front yard.

Space-Saving Trees for Today’s Smaller Gardens

Don't have room for a tree? You might be surprised at what is available these days. Check out these space-saving...

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How to Correct Soil PH

Watch and learn

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Mowing the Lawn to the Right Height

There is more to a healthy lawn than watering and fertilizing.

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Cutting Down a Tree

Felling a tree can be a dangerous, but you can do it safely if you think ahead and follow the...