Master these techniques and you’ll be transforming your lawn and upping your home’s curb appeal in no time.

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Lawn and Garden Fertilizer 101

The more you know, the more you grow!

Brilliant Seed ID

A little play sand will help keep seeds located in the garden

Weatherproof Plant Labels

An old window blind can fit in perfectly in the garden

Reuse Empty Seed Packets in Your Garden

Make it so it's easy to identify plants in the garden

10 Landscaping and Gardening Myths You Need to Stop Believing

A lot of good gardening advice has been passed down through the generations, but some erroneous recommendations have trickled down...

This Landscaping Tip Will Save Your Plants

Don't tear up your plants with your heavy garden hose!

8 Fall Landscaping Myths You Need to Stop Believing

When the air turns crisp and the leaves turn brown, many people's thoughts turn to bonfires, apple cider and Halloween....

The Easiest Way to Save on Potting Soil

For deep planters, fill the bottom with old cans and plant pots. The cans and pots improve drainage.

How to Make a Simple Guide for Edging Your Lawn

To edge your lawn, garden, or flowerbed, lay down a 2x6. While holding the board with your foot, drive a...

20 Best Reviewed Lawn Care Products to Buy on Amazon

When it comes to caring for your yard, Amazon has your back! Here are the top-rated lawn and garden products...

10 Landscaping Plants You (Probably) Can’t Kill

If you're looking to add some color and life to your yard, but have a history of killing every plant...

Reader Project: Floating Feeder for Feathered Friends

"We like to watch birds and have had bird feeders for years.  However, the birds are pigs and dump bird...

11 Landscaping Hacks That Will Save You Time

Looking for ways to save time and get rid of nagging landscape problems this summer? This collection of landscaping and...

Repurpose Ducting for Containing Hostas

Control your hosta growth with this simple gardening trick using only galvanized duct.

Why You Should Consider Creating a Garden Bed Edging

Garden beds can be fun to plant and tend, but as soon as unwanted plants invade, the battle begins. Your...

The Ultimate Guide to a Weed-Free Landscape

Don't let your landscape get overtaken by weeds this season! We've got solutions for banishing even the most troublesome invaders,...

Zero Turn Radius Mowers

Here's the info you need to know about zero turn radius mowers.

Lawn and Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Yard maintenance: Our experts weigh in with their best tips ever about how to get a healthy and beautiful lawn...

Colorful Shade Tolerant Plants

A shade garden isn't doomed to dreary, colorless choices. Today's shade tolerant plants are more colorful than ever.